Photo Shoot Heats Up......Part # 2

My wife had gone to have some boudoir photos taken as well as to have some fun messing with the photographer who had a reputation for coming on to girls he was taking pictures of. She wanted to see what he'd do if the girl who was having their picture taken was the aggressor. But things had heated up a lot sooner than she'd planned when she ended up seducing the girl doing her hair & make-up. Which led to them making out and Lynn sucking on the girl's tits. But to go further they made plans to meet at our house the next day. So now it was time for my hot 25yo redheaded 5-8, 110lb, 34D-24-35 wife to have fun with the photographer.

She came out of the dressing room in a sexy basque & bra combination with stockings & heels. It was sexy but not extremely revealing. But she could tell the photographer liked what he saw. He took some pictures of her in a chair and then on a bed. Every once in a while coming over to help reposition her into the pose he was looking for. And as she'd been warned he would do in the process let his hands roam a little. But that's what had intrigued her about the idea of actually going. After several shots, he was ready for her to put on a different outfit. But she surprised him by instead of wearing another one of the sexy but not too revealing outfits he supplied, she came out in a very sheer low cut teddy she'd brought.

She saw his eyes light up when he saw her, and she knew once she was in front of the bright photo lights he'd be able to see right through the sheer material. This time things went pretty much like before. Only he was able to see a lot more of her sexy body and managed to " accidentally " feel a little more skin. And Lynn was starting to really get turned on. And she was meeting his veiled comments that were obviously come on's with her own suggestive comments. And it was obvious that the photographer who looked to be in his 40s was hot for her by the rather large bulge in his pants that had my wife hoping to see more of if her plans went as planned. Which at first her plan was to just mess with him showing him more than he expected and letting him feel her up a little pretending it was accidental and leave him all worked up.

But after seeing what she suspected was a pretty big dick she was changing her plans a little. So after he finished with that set of pictures she went to change again for the final set of pictures. His jaw almost hit the floor when she came out this time. All she was wearing was a black garter belt & stockings and heels. Her firm 34D tits and bushy red cunt totally exposed. She could feel his eyes zeroing in on her tits with her huge puffy aureolas that covered the end of her big tits and her long rock-hard nipples. Then his eyes moved down to her long sexy legs & bushy cunt. The whole time Lynn's walking around quite comfortable with being naked in front of him. He finally composed himself and started taking pictures. And each pose he put her in was getting more erotic from the last. And his light brushes of private areas when he was supposedly positioning her had turned into quick gropes or lingering touches.

And she noticed that the previous sets had been of 15 pics each and he'd taken twice that many this time. And it was as if he was gradually trying to see just how far she'd go in her poses. Having her fondle her tits and rub her pussy. Then lift one of her tits & lick her nipple and adding a comment about he'd bet she loved having those big nipples licked & sucked on. And while she was rubbing her pussy asking her to show as much as she could, then adding as you're comfortable with. She responded by spreading her pussy wide open and then sliding 2 of her long slender fingers deep inside her wet cunt. Then after moving them in & out a few times. Looking right into the lens as she put those fingers in her mouth sucking them clean as she moved them in & out.

Then he had her get on her hands & knees facing away and spreading her legs as he snapped pictures of her sexy ass. And on her own, she reached between her legs & started fingering her pussy again. And when she rolled back over she like before sucked on them and really wanting to mess with him she commented how she loved the taste of a girl's pussy. Then lifted one of her tits & licked her nipple's some more. He picked up another camera to get a close-up of that and as he stood by the bed leaning in for a close-up of her licking her nipples he'd reached down as to steady himself and his hand landing on her upper thigh, his fingers rubbing her wet cunt. So Lynn made her move and reached over and grabbed his cock through his pants.

She commented on how she'd been noticing that huge bulge and how she'd been wanting to feel it. Then started to unbuckle his belt. Soon she had his cock out and was pleasantly surprised to find a thick 10 1/2" cock with a huge helmet-like head. And as she stroked his hard dick he was fingering her pussy as she'd spread her legs wide open. And his other hand groping her firm young tits. Then she sat up on the side of the bed and took his cock in her mouth and showed off her deep-throating skills. After letting him fuck her hot mouth for a while she went down & sucked & licked his balls for a while. Then put his cock between her tits. As she pressed her tits together he pumped his cock up & down between them. Until he shot a load of cum on her face & tits.

Then she went back to sucking him off for a while until he laid her back on the bed her legs hanging off the side and he got on his knees & started to eat her pussy. After getting her off with his mouth he moved her around where she was leaning over the bed and started fucking her from behind. After a few minutes, she felt his finger probing her ass. And when he asked if she'd ever, she cut him off and said yes fuck my tight little ass, pound that big dick in my ass. Soon he was fucking her in the ass as he reached around groping her big tits. Until he finally pulled his cock out shooting a load of cum all over her ass & back.

He showed her where a shower was and watched her soap up her body & wash her tits and ass getting the cum off. And was surprised when she pulled him in with her and went down sucking him off again. And despite not being able to get him hard enough to fuck her again she did get another deposit of hot cum in her mouth. And was getting turned-on by while she sucked him off he brought up how she'd said she loved the taste of a girl's pussy. And he told her he couldn't get the mental picture of her and another hot redhead sucking each other's big tits & eating each other's pussy while he took pictures of them. Then asked if she liked being with girls with big tits? She said she did and was shocked when he said he knew a redhead named Cheryl who had really big tits who'd told him she was into girls. And the first thing that Lynn thought of was her best friend in high school named Cheryl who had red hair & huge tits. And they had never eaten each other, but they had kissed & felt each other-up and sucked each other's tits a few times.

When he said she lived in another city and named the city she knew it had to be the same girl. And though he never got to take pictures of them together. I did a few months later after Lynn got reacquainted with her friend. Cheryl's husband had no idea she was bi so we met her at a motel a few times when he was out of town. She wouldn't let me fuck her but she did suck my cock and let me take pictures of her and Lynn. Who'd have known the 2 most discreet and conservative dressing and acting girls I'd ever seen in school were there in front of me going down on each other while I took pictures of them.

Though we did lots of things I'd have never imagined in my wildest dreams. ( please no photo request ) but will take any you want to

3 months ago

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    • Your wife sounds like a lot of fun and based on her measurements she is fucking HOT!

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