Weekly blowjob

A few years ago I worked at a family run printing business, I was just a labourer, tidy up, move things about basically anything.
Only one other person smoked and that was the boss daughter, she was admin sorting out sales and delivers, she acted like she was in charge.
During my time there I got over fifty blowjobs from her.
On our smoke break together we got friendly, in work mode she was back being a madam!
One smoke break she pulled me out of sight of cameras, said quick get your cock out, she squatted down and started sucking my cock, cigarette in one hand my cock in the other.
I asked her out for a drink loads of times, she wasn’t interested but she was happy to suck my cock on a weekly basis.

3 months ago


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    • When I was in college I picked up a part time job at a suit shop working sales, owner was in his late sixties. One evening it was really slow and the store was only open for like another half hour, I asked him if he wanted me to stay and he told me yes, you never know who might show up. Closing time came and when I walked into the back office to tell him I was leaving he was down on his knees and asked me if I would let him suck my cock. He was incredible at it, swallowed me whole right to my pubic hair, I would start to orgasm and he would just throat my cock and slowly move back and forth squeezing my head right down there. This became a regular thing and I loved it then one day he asked me if I would come over to his house on a Sunday, he sucked me off like five times in different positions, I went home with a sore cock. I worked there for about two years and it was the most sexually satisfying time of my life.

    • My hot wife is like a saint. You'd never know she loves sucking dick. I am so lucky. I asked how she came to love it so much, she said it just something naughty that I love, it's the total opposite of me. Do you actually want to hear about other men I sucked off? I said sure, they're in the review mirror right? She said sure. In college she had a job and her handsome boss flirted with her. She fantasized about sucking his dick. 2 weeks into the job he felt her up in the back room, she unzipped gave him her first BJ. She couldn't wait to do it again. She gave him one almost every day, probably 1,000 in all. And every BF she had was well rewarded. I hate going to her reunions knowing the men she talks to she probably sucked off. And she's really popular.

    • My wife came home one evening totally depressed and told me she quit her job, just walked out because her manager hinted that her next raise was dependent on her sexual performance. I was proud of her and supported her but all I could think about was her bent over a desk getting fucked hard by her boss.

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