Fed my cum to a 18F friend of my daughter

Almost family...

My daughter invited her BFF over for the sleepover. I am a divorced 42 y/o dad. Her's BFF was at our place couple of times before. She turned 18 few months ago.

We agreed that she would come for a sleepover. She is 18, very skinny and she looks hot. She has a boyfriend.

We picked her up yesterday and we all went to our place. Had a conversation, a drink, dinner and so on...

For Sunday, we decided to have a lunch - mac and cheese. They were sitting in a kitchen for most of the time, when I was preparing a lunch.

Just before I put mac and cheese into the oven, I went to the toilette whit a small container. I jerked off and stored all my cum into the container.

When I returned to the kitchen, they were gone for the snap chat photo session. I quickly took out the container from my pocket, opened it and spread my cum over a small portion of mac and cheese. There was a lot of cum , since I was very aroused. I covered it with some cheese and put it into the oven.

I baked the lunch... If you really want to hide it, mac and cheese is great!

I served the portion with all my cum to this 18 years old girl... She took it slowly to her mouth, piece by piece, eating it all, complimenting on how good it is. My dick was hard as hell. I watched her eating, tasting it... Damn, that was so hot! Knowing that she is eating my cum, I was almost staring at her... It felt amazing!

We finished the lunch and she packed her stuff. I took her back to her place and we were talking that she will come for a sleepover again. I will most certainly cook her lunch again...

3 months ago

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    • I’ve been doing this with my daughter it’s so hot

    • My friends wife has always known I had a thing for her, one day she says if you drink my breast milk, I’ll swallow your cum from a cup. She pumped, and I jerked off into a cup and she drank it, and so did I

    • Thats just plain sick pal! Hope you go out to eat and someone wipes their ass with your food!!

    • In my teens, I was dating a girl who worked at Hardee's and she caught a guy in the walk-in jerking off into a big jar of mayo. I wanted to kick his ass and would have but he found out and quit. chicken shit little perv. I,ve fed lots of girls cum but always direct from the tap. Some things you just don't mess with. Someone's food and a guy's car.

    • Yuck. I'd never do that. To the women out there, us guys aren't all sick.

    • I did something similar. Except is was my daugther's boyfriend Jess. She doesn't know it but he is Bi and I have been ass fucking him since 2 weeks after they started dating. He had lived with us for over a year now so every night I get to fuck him. Jess's ass is so tight, and his mouth is like a vacuum. He is also very feminine and he dresses up for me. I love seeing him in panties, bra and heels.

      Jess is better than any woman I have ever been with. I will never give him up. I love my little fag cum slut.

      I hate when he has sex with my daughter. I want him for myself!

    • What did your daughter eat?

    • McDonald's

    • She probably ate her BFF...lol

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