I want my sisters husband to fuck me

My sis husband is so fit. I always see him looking at my ass, and he watches my lips when I talk. A pal told me it was he was imagining my lips wrapped round his cock? I want him to just fuck me hard but don’t want to hurt my sis if she found out.

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  • After a party my wife's twin slept over. She was pissed at her boyfriend for not staying. We have a history of making out. We dried humped a couple times in a inner tube in the pool. 2AM i snick in her room and got in bed. She was naked but it was because she had no PJs. She said it was up to me to fuck her or not. During sex she said since high school they secretly fucked each other's boyfriends when they wanted it. They both knew but didn't talk about it. Guys just want to fuck both twins and they let them have their way. It ups their stock. The one sort of screens for the other inadvertently. 'He can't be a creeper if sis fucks him.' My wife usually goes cowgirl, sis took it missionary. 5AM I'm ready to go back. "you're first one not to compare blowjobs." I stayed a little longer.

  • Tell him to stop looking at you like that or you will tell his wife!

  • Then you know the right answer! Leave him and your sister alone! Your relationship with your sister is more important then sex period! Plus your relationship with all your family members and your sisters husbands family!

  • Find someonelse

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