Cock sucking to shoot cum

At 14 i got my first cock sucking by a gay man . i let him suck me every day afert school for several yrs. even 2 of his friends . some times on the week ends they would give me viagar .i would have huge cum loads several times all day long. stay hard 2 hrs at a time. the first 2 loads would shoot out 6 inches or more 5 to 6 times. they would suck me dry .several times all day satrday. .sunday do the same thing.. .i have been getting sucked by guys for 40 plus yrs now. love it feed them all the cum i can shoot any time . have several steady regular suckers that come by get a load just about every day .love to get sucked.

3 months ago


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    • I wish someone could tell me how to find a cock to suck for checking out like to do it on the web for the guy or a guy and a girl first time I want to hear them talking and making me suck your cock and you can come I have a girlfriend feed it to me and make me tell her girlfriend I like it

    • Its easy to find cock to suck.

      It is illegal to write and post pedophilia! Describing sex as a minor is pedophilia sick fuck.

    • Hi. I am on the other side of the scenario and love to suck cock. I have about 20 different guys that feed me their hot cum on a regular basis. I swallow every drop.

    • How can I find cost to suck fast

    • Itd easy to get cock to drain.

    • I have 7 steady that i host they drain my cum load all the time. all older gay make . they txt me to see when im ready, which is daily. as i have lots of cum . it leaks out after 2 days

    • That is one of the hottest things I have ever read ANYwhere! You must be one of the best cocksuckers who have ever lived! TWENTY! I would love to kiss you deep! You must taste like heaven!

    • Ok fag

    • Ok homophobe. What are you afraid of? Liking it?

    • Don't get your panties in a bind fag! Or is your bra too tight there sissy fag! It must be blocking your tiny little fag mind from getting oxygen!

    • I'll just take that as a yes.

    • You must be extremely beautiful, in addition to being incredibly skilled, in order to have such a large and devoted following. Please tell us how you managed to get so many men! OMMFG! You are so so so amazing!! And please share some of your nastiest experiences!! Do you date many married men??? Have you ever broken up a marriage? Were any broke on purpose, and if so, how? Do you give a lot of road head?? Do you ever nut in they ass too? Do you ever get paid? Do a lot of your men fall in love with you? Do they fall in love with your semen? Do many of them outright beg for it?? I have two regulars and two others that I see sometimes, but I can't imagine getting that up to even ten much loss twice that!!! I got three in one day ONE TIME, but never more than that. Whats the most you took in a day before??? You are my fucking hero!!!!! I love you!!!

    • Thank you. I am considered very attractive, yes. I am on Plenty of Fish and Doublelist, men just message me. Usually if I have pleasured them once they come back for more, some for 2 to 3 years now. The big majority are married to women, yes, and sexually frustrated. Some say I provide the best head they have ever received, I can really deep throat. I have not broken up any marriages, I don't want a boyfriend, just hard cocks and hot cum. I do not get paid but have been offered money. I am not a fan of anal, I pretty much just provide blow jobs. They message, stop by, and I suck them off. The most is five guys in one day, that has happened to me three different times so far.

    • Bull Shit

    • Oh. My. Fucking. God!!!!! I really love it that the most of your lovers are married to females and you are working them so hard . . . . and pleasing them so completely and so often!!! That says so much for who you are and how wonderfully good your loving must be! WOW!!!!!but when I read that you've managed to service five of yours in a day, and did it so many times, well, Jesus!!! Oh Sweet Sweet Sweet Jesus, it made me totally weak with desire to service YOU!!! I touched my fly thinking about you sliding over my tongue and down my throat. And I exploded inside my pants. I think you need someone to take care of you as well as you take care of everyone else! I love you! God, I love you sooooooo hard! Mmmmm. You do make me weak!!!!!!

    • My lovers are grand dads and military officers. They all have wives but live man sex with me. We kiss, rim, fuck and knaw the hell out each other. I love it when they sit on my face and my tongue goes up their ass deep. I also take their balls in my mouth and suck on them.

    • I love getting my balls drained every day. by a gay next door .

    • It’s great, only a man knows how to suck another man.

    • Yes he is jealous not getting any lol.

    • The only thing he is filling up with is bull shit!

    • Jealous much?

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