Meeting Wife on Nude Beach

The first time that I saw my wife, she was at a nude beach with her then boyfriend. She looked fantastic and I immediately wanted her. I saw her every Saturday all that summer and actually spoke to her several times. Toward the end of the summer she was at the beach all alone. I spoke to her as I walked up the beach looking for a good spot to sit and watch her. She called to me as I went by and asked if I wanted to sit with her. I sat down beside her and we talked and she told me that they had broken up. I asked her to go to dinner with me after we left the beach. After dinner we went to her apartment and had sex for the first time. After a while she said that she wanted to date her ex boyfriend again and although upset I told her to do what she wanted. She dated both of us for a year. I decided that I wanted her for myself only and I asked her to marry me. She said that she wondered which of us would ask her first and that she didn't want to have to decide so she figured she would marry the one that asked her first.
We have been married for a while now and have two grown children. We started going back to the same nude beach and she has been looking at the younger guys. I told her that she should flirt with them and she if any of them would ask her out. Last Saturday one of them asked her to dinner and she accepted. When we got home she asked me if I really was okay with her going on a date and I said that I was. I also told her that it was fine with me if she didn't come home until Sunday morning. She returned Sunday around noon and we spent the rest of the day in bed. She plans to go to the nude beach with him next Saturday and I will go and watch them just like I watched her and her boyfriend many years ago.

3 months ago

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    • I met my wife at a swingers party. Me and my girlfriend at the time were big into to the swinging community in our area. My future wife came to a party with her boyfriend one night. I had never seen her before, so I walked over with a drink and asked if she was okay, she looked really nervous. She told me this wasn't her thing, but her boyfriend wanted to come. I offered to take her to one of the bedrooms and just talk. We sat for most of the night just talking and never did have sex. We did this for several months until she and her boyfriend broke up. Not long after that, me and my girlfriend broke up. I called her and asked her out. Been married now for 21 years. And no, we never went back to the singing community.

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