Do any Straight guys have realistic dildos.

Do any straight guys have a realistic dildo collection. What's the biggest you have in length girth and how often do you use it on your self or wife girl peggs you ?

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  • My wife has some dildos and when alone and masturbating over her after having a finger up my arsehole, I have quite a few times put her dildos up there and rode them a couple of times while being naughty in other ways. My wife drives me wild

  • Are your wifes dildos realistic looking with balls? Whats the biggest thickest one you can handle

  • Yes they have balls. The biggest she has is 9inches and thick. Love it up my big dirty arsehole and wearing her shoes!! What is your email to message

  • So you are the fudge plant and she is the fudge packer!

  • Yeah hehe

  • Yes they have balls on them. The biggest she has is 9 inches and thick. I love it going up my big dirty arsehole! Love thinking of her watching me lick it clean after
    fr02822020 at gmail dot com. Message me

  • I have two anal toys. one does look exactly like a cock. i use by myself and sometimes my beautiful wife will be in a dominant mood and use on me.

  • She uses also from time to time.

  • Hell no straight guys don't like cock. A few have prostate massagers but they don't look any thing like a dick.

  • It's not a real cock, it's a dildo. Can't see it if it's up your ass.

  • Bull shit Straight men do not want anything that looks like a cock up their ass! I suppose if you put it in your mouth, you still think you are straight?

  • Yes nomatter how much a realistic dildo looks like a cock, its still just a plastic toy dildo, not real.

  • I'm a straight male and won't handle anything that looks like a mans cock and balls!

  • How do you piss, then?

  • Don't be stupid!

  • Why, do you have a monopoly on it?

  • You can't fix stupid fool!

  • Straight guys do like the feel of a dildo , I’m one.

  • I do also . very erotic.

  • Then you are not straight!

  • What? Straight men can enjoy prostate stimulation too, fool.

  • With a prostate massage tool! They don't look like a cock and balls idiot. I don't do that, but if I was going to do that I would get the right tool for the right job!
    Dildo's that look like cocks are for women and gay men, not straight guys.

  • Your prostate won't know it's the wrong shaped tool hitting it.

  • Don't give a fuck about that I'm not going to handle a cock period! Fake or real for that matter! If a cock fake or real turns you on by the seeing it, YOU ARE NOT STRAIGHT!

  • Is your dildo realistic with balls? Whats the thickest biggest one you have in your collection?

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