Showing off my wife

When we moved in to this old house, it had what I called voyeur windows ..all large floor to ceiling even in the bathroom. one day I turned the blinds upward to see if I could catch the you couldnt see outside in the dark..but clear as day from the oitside in. shower rod caught the middle of the window frame, so you could see equally well either side. she went in for a shower, I ran outside, but got slightly delayed. as I turned the corner into my pitch black driveway I froze. There was a large man on a bike at the end ..who'd discovered my trick before I could get there. He was clearly enjoying the window view..and from where I was standing.. he was getting a fantastic view of my wife rubbing one out in the shower.. I happened alot over the next couple summers before we renovated. many neighborhood guys caught my wifes nightly show

3 months ago

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    • When we first married, we lived in an first floor apartment and our bedroom was facing the street. I usually got up earlier than my wife and I would open the curtains after I got dressed. Then when she got up if anyone was walking by they could see her. Also when she got out of the shower she would walk into the bedroom naked. This went on for about a month when one of our neighbors told me that he had seen my wife through the front window of our apartment. I asked him if he liked what he saw and he said that he did. I told him to look the next morning since we would be having sex around 8. The next morning I made sure that my wife faced the window while riding my dick. My wife stopped riding me and said that someone was looking in our window. I thought that she would stop but she rode me harder and she moaned louder than normal when she came.
      Later that day I was in our driveway and my neighbor said that he had watched. He then asked me if we might be interested in having him join us sometime. I said that I would ask my wife. I didn't need to ask her as she asked me if I wanted the neighbor to join us. I went over to the neighbor's house and asked him if he wanted to come over and have sex with my wife. He fucked my wife and then I did. Then we fell asleep with my wife lying between us. I woke up during the night because the bed was bouncing and he was between her legs fucking her again. In the morning he fucked her again and then I took another turn. I less than 24 hours my wife had been fucked six times, three times by me and three times by our neighbor.

    • Jill 25 and I had this cool neighbor Bob 45. He was in his driveway and garage a lot on weekends. On Sat I see him look up at our bedroom window and smiling like he's crazy. I go to our room and Jill is flashing him her her firm D cup tits. Jill, WTF? We're having some fun and he always snowplows our driveway, a little payback -- she says. I sorta like how crazy she is. Over then next 5 years we progress to showing him more. She says lets show him a blowjob one Sat.
      Never to turn one down -- you're on. So every Sat at 10 I got a blowjob by the window.

    • Been there, did that... still do. For us it started at our first apartment. She didn't catch on until friends coming over for a visit got an eyeful and told us. I was half pissed as that signaled the end for me and the other regular viewers at our complex. At our next apartment I adjusted the blinds again. I night I came home and saw that they were opened too much. This time my wife had opened them more. We talked, had sex and talked more. From that time on we've kept the blinds 'slightly' open, so they LOOK closed, but the inside is visible to those that take a closer look

    • Love to see pictures

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