My wife loved being covered in cum and I liked to watch.

My wife and I got married when we were both 18 and soon found ourselves in the swinger lifestyle of the 70s. We were soon having MFM threesomes, wife swapping, and had a couple of small gangbangs in adult theaters. And Lynn had found that it really turned her on when the guys would shoot off on her tits. Also, she loved exposing herself and couldn't suck enough cock. So we'd started going to adult bookstores with glory holes.

Once we got in the back she'd take off her dress and walk around the hallways in only a garter belt & stockings and heels. So you can imagine the reaction she was getting. This hot 18-yo redhead 5-8, 110lb, 34D-24-35 walking around basically nude. So she had no shortage of hard cocks to suck on once we'd go into a booth. She'd suck off 2-3 guys then go into the hall and look for another booth to go in as she let the guys there see her hot naked body and feel her up if they wanted.

But one bookstore stands out to me, we were on a trip and went through Raliegh N.C., and saw an adult bookstore so decided to stop and check it out. She was wearing a garter & stocking with only a dress on over it so she could flash truckers on the highway so she was already dressed for a trip to a bookstore. Things seemed to go as they had in all the others we'd gone to in other cities. So she took off her dress and had gone in a couple of booths and sucked a few guys off.

But while going to a new booth we saw a sign on a door that indicated a movie that was shown at certain hours and one of the showtimes was coming up. I asked someone about it and they said to go up-front and pay and they'd give us the details. We'd never seen anything like this so I went out to the cashier and paid and he told me what time it started and gave me 2 tickets and said he'd let us in at showtime. He also told me the door would be locked so no one could come in but it opened from the inside so if we left early to be sure the door locked back. And also said if a bright overhead light flashed it meant the police were there looking around.

That actually got us really excited wondering just what to expect. Since we didn't know what he'd say about Lynn walking around in only a garter & stockings she put her dress back on. A few minutes later we were let into a room with about a 60-inch screen and several chairs & couches sitting in a fairly small room. Besides us, there were about 15-20 guys of various ages and one other couple who looked to be in their early 30s. The woman was a busty blonde with long sexy legs in a mini skirt and tube top that was barely holding what looked like a set of 36DD tits and she was quite good-looking. And they were kind of odd-looking because her husband was a small very meek-looking guy.

They had set in the back corner and we'd set upfront to one side. But I glanced back and even before the lights went down or the movie started the blonde had her big tits out and had pulled her skirt up exposing her pussy. So Lynn not to be outdone stood up and took off her dress right in front of everyone. I started to fondle her tits once the movie started and she wasted no time in pulling my cock out and got down in front of me & started sucking me off. In a flash we had several guys move closer to us. And with the chairs not being bolted down she was soon in the middle of a circle of guys.

She started taking turns sucking them off and after telling the first couple of guys to cum on her face or tits the rest were automatically shooting off on her tits & face, but mostly her big tits. And a few were feeling her ass & pussy but she'd indicated she didn't want to be fucked she just wanted to suck as many cocks as she could and feel their cum on her tits. She was Ok with them feeling her up and fingering her pussy but she wanted to get covered in more cum than she ever had been before. I'd moved my chair back a little just to watch and was also watching the blonde who was busy fingering her pussy and watching Lynn.

And she whispered something to her husband and he went down and got in line to have my wife suck his cock at his wife's request. I couldn't resist and moved to where he had been sitting beside his wife and still had my thick 9-in cock out. As soon as I sat down she reached over and started stroking it. She asked how old my girlfriend was and I told her my wife was 18. And she kind of laughed and said she was usually the only girl there getting all the dick. But she guessed if she was a horny guy and a hot young girl like her came in she'd be doing her too.

Then she asked why she wasn't letting any of them fuck her? And I told her how she wanted to get covered in cum and that most times in situations like that she'd be wanting a cock inside her and 1-2 cocks in her mouth at the same time. She told me since my wife was getting every other guy's cock she thought it only fair she gets mine. At first, she sucked me off and I think was showing off her deep-throating skills, then she leaned over the back of a couch and I fucked her from behind. I guess I was showing off too because I was fucking her as fast and as hard and as deep as I could. And she was going off like a Roman candle.

After I emptied a load inside her pussy she started licking & sucking me clean. I noticed that Lynn was sucking her husband's cock and soon he added his load to the rest. Lynn was looking like a glazed pastry with double the frosting. When the blonde ask how she was going to get rid of all of that cum? I told her she usually licked off as much as she could reach then wipe the rest up with her fingers & lick them clean. Then I gave her a grin and said unless there's another hot lady there who'd like to lick her clean. She gave me a sexy smile and asked if my wife liked blondes? I told her she loved blondes, especially ones with nice big tits.

We moved down and joined the group around Lynn as she was sucking the last couple of guys off and taking the last couple of coats of cum on her tits. As Lynn took the last load the blonde kind of pushed the guys back and knelt beside Lynn and told her that her name was Sherry and that she'd really like to lick & suck every last drop of cum off of her sexy body, then eat her pussy and after that, they'd really have some fun.

Lynn didn't have to say a word her grin said it all. Sherry started kissing Lynn then licking the cum off of her face. Then sucked her tits while she fingered Lynn's pussy. Then licked & sucked up more cum. It took a while and the guy up front wondered why no one had come out after the movie ended and came back to check. When he saw what was going on he smiled and left. After getting Lynn pretty clean they got in a 69 and ate each other's pussy & Lynn sucked on Sherry's big tits and told her how much she liked girls with big boobs. By then I was hard again ( oh to be 18 ) and Sherry sucked my cock again taking my load down her throat as Lynn ate her pussy and one of the other guys fucked Lynn.

We finally all got situated and Sherry & Lynn went to the restroom to get cleaned up. Both still covered in cum and their clothes half off had to go to the front of the store to get to the bathroom and everyone saw them. Then they saw about 20 guys coming from the back behind the girls leaving. Being the true exhibitionist when they came out Lynn's dress was almost opened and once she was where everyone would see her she bent over to fix the strap on her shoe letting her dress fall wide open when she stood up. Letting everyone see her tits & red bushy cunt for a good 30 seconds before closing it back. And not to be outdone Sherry let her big tits fall out of her tiny tube top.

Once we got outside Sherry suggested we get together to swap sometime but we explained we were just going through town. But we were damn glad we stopped. And we said our good bye's. But if we'd ever gone through Raliegh again I'm sure we'd have stopped there again. don't request photos...

3 months ago


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    • This shit just got me horny AF I love cummm in all my holes especially down my throat and deep inside my tight pussy mmmmm the best

    • Those were definitely the good old days. I'm a bit younger but I too remember joining the other neighborhood older kids to spy on the 'wild' neighbors, a middle aged couple that hosted swinger parties, orgies and gangbangs.

      One of our group got bold enough to show up and hit on the wife when the husband was at work. Eventually, he and all of us, lost our virginities to her. Right after we all got a turn, they sold their place and moved away. We were pretty sure it was because they wanted to be gone before one of us bragged too much and they got into trouble.

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