Straight guy first time realistic dildo experience.

I used a big thick dildo for the first time. Im obsessed with the shape size thickness, comparing it to mine. I dont think ill ever get ride of this dildo. Any other straight guys have a similar experience with a realistic one. Did you trow it away or hold on to it?

3 months ago

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    • I've had a wooden flagpole inside me. 1 1/2 inch diameter, half of an 8 foot pole that had a Girl Scout troop flag on it. Held the troop flag and recited the Promise and Laws until I came.

    • I took my girlfriends realistic 8 inch long 2 inch diameter dildo and took my assholes virginity at first it hurt so bad till I got past the head of it I stopped and let my hole get use to the monster dildo after a bit the pain stopped so I started working it in and out my ass it hurt but not as bad just as I was starting to injoy what I could get in my ass I started riding it faster slowly taking more and more of that magnificent dildo I just raised up with the head of the dildo just bearly in my now stretched asshole I start to lower my slow down on it wanting it deeper in my ass mmmmhmm yess that's it I say it feels amazing ive got half of the dildo in my ass my head is in the clouds with pleasure and just then I slip an violently slam the whole 8 inches in my ass I scream it hurt so bad I couldn't move next thing I know I'm shooting thick globs of cum everywhere and I hear a voice behind me say omg really my 8 inch dildo is fully in your ass but you wouldn't let me stick my finger up your ass last night when we were fucking thats messed up she said and left the room

    • My wife has used strap on dildos on me I once but her a 9" black one about 1-1/2 diameter. Dam thing was great full of fake veins also bought her a 10 inch jeff Stryker left my ass sore for 2 days and gape.

    • Lucky

    • It’s the best feeling when a soft realistic dildo slides inside my ass. I have several, I like the ones with suction cups because there more hands free. With lots of lube I’ve fucked my self for hours. So much that my poor little hole hurt for the rest of the day.
      Nothing like cuming after a good butt workout.
      I’m actually planning on doing it later tonight.

    • Whats the biggest thickest realistic dildo you have? Mine is 6 inches long about 6.5 inches at the thickest side.

    • I have that same size , just measured it. I’ve been doing this for a long time and have stretched my hole to accommodate 8 inches by 7 inches in girth. That’s the one I use pretty much all the time. I have some thicker ones but can’t get enjoyment from the pain.
      Stick with what you have and see if your going to keep doing it after the novelty wears off. Then if you want to go to the next level buy it.

    • I’ve taken a 10 incher

    • 10 inches gets in deep. I have one but can’t get it in all the way. Must feel good

    • Nice 10 inches long? How thick was the girth in inches. Longest i had was 6 long. 6.5 girth at the thickest point.

    • My wife has one that's molded after a porn star. We both use it. It looks real enough. Big and black with the veins in it . It feels amazing in my ass. She will pull it on a chair and have me sit on it all the way down. I've been fucked by real guys many times but the didlo is nice and thick and long. We have a lot of fun using it together.

    • Haha we made a molded one of me my wife used it a couple times on herself and put it up my ass once.

    • Ty for the reply. Do you consider your self straight?

    • Yes

    • Guess again!

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