My wife is a slut and I love it.

I'll keep this short. Maybe if I get good feedback, I'll make more detailed posts about my wife and I. So please comment and let me know what you think.

We met 14 years ago on AFF. We were both divorced. She was so beautiful and her smile made my heart melt.

But she was also a dirty girl from the beginning. When we met she had already been involved with several different men and women on AFF. She is bi and so am I, by the way. After we hooked up, we used to go to swinger clubs together. At first it was all about us just partying and having fun with other people. We fucked in rooms full of people and sometimes she would invite a woman to our house.

Eventually, it morphed into more of a cuckold lifestyle.

One example: One night, as her and I were having sex, she confessed to me that she had skipped work that day. She went to meet some guy from Craigslist. (I really miss Craigslist Personals!) She met him at around 8:00 in the morning. After getting fucked hard for a couple of hours she had the whole day in front of her. She had been thinking about buying a car so she went to a dealership and ended up sucking off the car salesman on the test drive. (She did not buy a car!) Later that afternoon, she went to bar and met a guy. She brought him to our house and fucked him in our bed. She told me that he came inside her and I was getting sloppy thirds.

Such a turn on!

In 14 years of marriage , I have been with several male or female sex partners with and without my wife. But she has been much more active than me. I have lost count of how many people she has had sex with. My best estimate is that she has had at least ten different men and maybe two or three different women a year since we got married.

Sometimes, I come home and she will be fucking in the living room or in our bedroom. Sometimes I join in. Most of the time I just watch and jack off on her face.

Sometimes she comes home from a girls night out and shows me soaked panties. I love to see other men's cum dripping out of her twat.

4 months ago

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    • Mine is, too. Like she’s always told me, she loves dick. She loves men, loves kissing and being caressed, fondled, spanked, overpowered and boned hard. She’s a giver, a submissive type of woman, who melts in the arms of a man.
      We’ve been able to really enjoy her appetite for men. Before lockdown, we would drive across town, or out of town, and go to a dance club and she’d dance and make out with men. It was always so hot to hear her say “I just want to go to a club and find a man”. Nine times out of ten, she’s satisfied with only dancing, kissing, with a guy or two, then we have sex in the car or hotel. Sometimes, she’s so turned on by a man, she has to have him, and she’ll give oral to the guy, or if she’s really turned on and tipsy, she will have sex with a man. It’s such a turn on watching her get pounded, the look on her face, her body slumped over and tired when it’s over, it’s so hot. There is nothing like watching or kissing or putting your duck in your wife’s face, when another guy is in her butt. Seeing her face orgasm, while another guy is in her, such a strange and sexy experience. And of course, I get the sloppy seconds and reclaim her slutty body.

    • Couldn’t have put it any better. Loved it when my wife was fucking other guys . Miss the sloppy seconds and thirds very good lubricant.

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