Nude Beaches

Has your wife ever gone to a nude beach?
Was it with you? Did you ask her to go?
Was it before you were together? Was she with a boyfriend?
My wife has been to a nude beach with me but also had been to the same nude beach with a previous boyfriend.

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  • Yes my wife has been to nude beaches but not with me. She has gone to beaches in Greece and Spain and at every occasion has met someone and has sex with them. Most of this happened before we met but some of it happened when we were dating and she went to Europe on vacation with one of her friends. She did not have sex on the beach , that came later in the day.

  • No the only thing I ever saw was old fat men with beards walking around like they where lost! It looked like some mall Santa's where on vacation together!

  • Yes my wife goes to a nude beach. She goes once a year for two weeks in Jamaica. She goes alone I stay home. She plays with the island guys there then comes home.

  • You have given me an idea. I will offer my wife a vacation alone and I will stay with the kids. Hopefully she will get fucked while she is away.

  • Is she fucking the guys there ?

  • Not on the beach. She goes to the hotel with them. She spends two weeks sunbathing all day and gets fucked at night.

  • No because it wouldn't be a nude beach anymore!

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