Cumslut Wife

A 35 year old fit mother of 1, she could easily pass for a woman in her late 20s. Blonde and bubbly with perfect 34D breasts, she has always gotten plenty of attention. Together now for 3 years, it's obvious a girl like her (aspiring model turned yoga instructor) had hooked up with plenty of guys over the years. But I think most people would be pretty shocked to know she has sucked "50-something, maybe 60 cocks" since her first one at the age of 14! Talk about a gal with an oral fixation!

I confess I think this is incredibly hot. I'm her alpha and very dom in the relationship, so I'm confident enough to confess that I can't stop thinking about all the studs over the years who've had the pleasure of my gorgeous loving wife slaving away on their cocks and gleefully sucking down their cum to become a part of her like a good little cumslut.

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  • My wife is a cumslut. She has sucked off dozen of guys and has had pictures posted on the internet of her sucking cock. She loves to play with the cum and will lick the cum up anywhere.

  • Mine (Jill) had a Playboy offer in the 70's and loves to suck dick., adventures sex too: Mile High Club, Lincoln Tunnel Club, Trailways Club. She calmed down a bit in her 60s but still gives me 3 blowjobs a week "good to the last drop" she said on our first date -- which I didn't think was going well till then. Bet she gave me 8,000. Her alum: a WWII Vet who's only other was an appreciative Frenchy, she met a yard sale, his no suck wife was away. 45 yr old guy (NSW) who never had one (she was 19); her boss who looked like Carry Grant ("lucky me, a win win") .
    On a 1 to 10 scale she's an 11. an ex GF had the exact same technique, But Jill does it so much better. She says ex must have mimicked the same Porn Star she did. It's really unique -- and all over-- nothing down there goes un sucked.

  • My wife is a cum slut. I don't even know how many cocks she has sucked over the years. She always swallows the cum. And let's guys cum in her pussy. She doesn't like when a guy cums on her belly or ass . She has to swallow or have it inside her.

  • Mmmm love it 😛

  • I am a really cock hungry cum slut, and have sucked over 200 different cocks, and swallowed every hot load.

  • Same here 🙋🏻‍♀️ Love it

  • You are the ultimate cumslut.....

  • My kind of lady

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