Im in my 40s straight male and used a dildo for the first time.

I was real horny and curious to see how it feels to stimulate the prostate so i ordered a dildo on amazon. It was 6 inches long and thick about 2 inches round. it was Not a good experience for me and has affected me in everyway. Ive lost 8 pounds in 10 days. I wish it wasnt so realistic looking and the fact its thicker them my penis psycologicaly is bothering me. Anyone else have a bad experience like this. Im now on medication Lexapro and trying to deal with this shamefull act .

3 months ago

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    • Get over it .

    • I don't see anything wrong with that. My wife buys didlos and strapons for me. I can handle bigger sizes now. And a prostate Orgasm feels amazing. My wife loves how I let her be in control over me when she's pegging my ass .

    • You are a very lucky guy . Wish my wife would pound my butt,

    • Nice. Are they realistic dildos with balls. Whats the biggest dildo you have in girth and length?

    • Prostate milking feels amazing get over it

    • Your gay now, do you sing show tunes and watch Golden Girls?

    • Big deal. In privacy you put your new dildo up your ass and feel ashamed. Get over it, try it again and again until you like it.

    • He’s right . No big deal . You are normal,

    • So straight guys use realistic dildos to milk the prostate? Must be a new fetish

    • A lot of us straight guys have dildos , way should my wife be the only one to enjoy the stretching, full feeling that you get.
      We have several in different sizes that we keep separate, she has hers and I have mine.

    • Are the dildos you have realistic color with balls vains. Or like prostate messagers

    • I have the realistic ones, I have three in different sizes. I bought this monster of a dick thinking I could stretch my ass to accommodate it , gave up. Hurt to much.
      6-8 inches long with medium girth seems to work great for me.
      Remember to clean those bad boys up real good after every use then powder them up with corn starch. Keeps them nice and soft.

    • Nice whats the thickest girth one you have. Mine is tappered the top or 6 inches girth thickest point is 6.5 inches girth .

    • Not much bigger, 7-7 1/2 in girth. I have some bigger but can’t get it in, way push it. Find what’s comfortable and sit on that dick tell it’s all in.

    • Nothing wrong with what you did but your reaction is insanely over the top. You got other issues brah.

    • Buyer beware? Did you manage to find your prostate?

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