Freaky Beaver

My sister and I live together like a married couple. We're twins. What connected us to this strong bond is the fetish that we got for each other. We're 30'ish and horny. We love sex play. We connected at our first swinger's meet and greet. We was surprised when we saw each other there. We confessed to each other that we was looking for some action. We decided to get a room at that motel and play around.
There was nothing special about my sister's looks until she removed her clothes. She had the hairiest snatch that a woman could have. My cock shot up quickly and she grabbed it and smiled and began to French kiss me deeply. I placed a hand on her snatch and ran my fingers thru her bush and insert my fingers into her loose big lipped cunt. We laid on the bed side by side, I played with her beaver and she played and squeezed my big ball sack and jerked my dick. We got into the 69 position and looked at and played each other's privates . I got a mouth full of hair while sucking on those big lips of hers down there and sucking on her erect clit. She was grinding her beaver in my face while she squeezed and pulled on my sack and slapped my stiff cock.
We confessed to each our sex play was great. I told her that her beaver really turned me on and the way she abused my privates did too. She confessed to me she enjoyed my tongue, mouth and fingers giving her a work out down there. "I would marry you if that was possible, lets pretend we're husband and wife and move in together. We can swing as husband and wife and enjoy the sex play whenever we desire too.
We really would like to marry each other. We have so many same interest and likes but being related makes it impossible.

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  • Wow got any pictures of her.

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