Nudity at home

My wife and I are nudists and we are nude in our house all the time. We have gotten some complaints but the law is that in our own home and it is permitted unless we are provocatively displaying ourselves. We also have gotten a lot of inquiries about sex. Not in real obvious terms but like ".. well you know!" We probably do have a lot more sex than average, but we still get the chores done and we both hold down good paying jobs. We often invite people to come over for the evening and experience nudity for themselves. It is a non-threatening atmosphere and there are not a lot of strangers here. The conversation almost always turns to sex and It often turns out that the "new" nudists get so aroused that they retire to one of our several bedrooms. Once in a while something else happens.

Last Saturday evening we had a young neighbor couple over that had finally got up the nerve to spend the evening in the nude to see what it was like. After dinner we were sitting in the living room, the wife and I on the couch and out guests on a love seat -- very romantic! I had my arm around my wife and she was cuddled up under my shoulder, and had on hand laying in my lap. I would reach down over her shoulder and stroke or cup her breast once in a while and she had her hand on my thigh and sometimes my cock. Our guests watched us for a few minutes as we visited, and were soon following our example. It didn't take long for both of us guys to have a nice erection and the gals were squirming around a little bit.

My wife untangled herself and asked our young neighbor guy to help her get dessert, and walked over and grabbed his free hand, pulled him to his feet and led him, not unwillingly, to the kitchen. I had a clear view into the kitchen, but his wife had her back to the action. My wife continually was putting her hands on him or rubbing against him as they cut pie and dished up ice cream.

When they came back they each had two plates of fresh apple pie, a la mode. Our young guest now had a raging hardon, pointing up at a 45 degree angle and he was obviously very aroused! His wife had her eyes glued to it as she took her plate, and her face was becoming flushed with arousal. Things were mostly calm while we enjoyed our pie and ice cream until the young wife had the last spoonful of her ice cream slide off her plate into her husbands lap. She gasped and put her dish on the end table and reached down with a napkin to clean up the spilled dessert. She obviously could not stand the stimulation of sitting next to her nude husband any more. She bent down and took his cock in her mouth and started sucking him off. My wife and I looked at each other, and rather than embarrassing our guests, she bent down and began giving me a blowjob also. We were all so aroused that it didn't take long before both us guys rewarded our lovers with a huge load of sperm. After my wife finished with me she looked up and said, "Well, that was a lot fo fun! Good idea, Ann! Do you two want to come over for lunch next Saturday?" Well, they did and now that the ice was broken things got going sooner and went farther. Great fun!

3 months ago

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