I love having a premature ejaculation "problem" and tiny penis

I am over six feet tall and weigh about 240 lbs, but my penis is the same size as my thumb when fully erect (and tiny mushroom head burrowed in my pubes when flaccid) but I love the humiliation and disappointment on a girl's face when they see that I have a tiny dick. I especially get turned on if they laugh, mock or tease me about it. The humiliation of a tiny dick is just the beginning of my issues. By focusing on how embarrassing it would be to cum super quick as I enter a woman it causes me to actually cum within seconds of penetration. There is nothing sexier than when a chick can't feel me at all but she feels my hot thick spurts of sperm inside almost every time. I may have a small penis, but I shoot quite large loads. Being too small for condoms, most girls are on birth control that I hook up with (I prefer fat drunk bar slurs), but some aren't and get pretty pissed when just seconds in I explode in their pussy. I take a little longer getting off them, they shouldn't have trusted me I guess. The ones that take my cum and don't immediately leave or get violent get their pussy ate out and fingered so they get off too.

3 months ago


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    • I love sucking off guys with micropenis, most women would just leave, I guess, so a lot of little guys probably haven't had a proper blowjob. I've sucked off a lot of guys just like you, and I loved it!

    • That figures Jerrybob sick fuck

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