I have no idea how he is so great at sex.

We married young, I was seventeen and he was nineteen. He told me when we started dating about two years before that I was the first girl he ever went all the way with and we did not rush into having sex. The first time we did it all was amazing, I was getting so much pleasure and really felt like he was getting the raw end of the deal. I had no idea how he was so great at pleasuring me, it was like he learned exactly how to pleasure a woman without doing it on an actual woman. I asked him one time when he called me on his way home from work asking me if he needed to pick up anything on his way, I told him no but then asked him what he wanted when he got home. He told me you naked and in bed so I decided to do half of it and got naked, I grabbed a bandana and blindfolded myself. I knelt down on the floor right inside the door from the garage where he always came into the house. I have no idea why I thought to do this, I just thought it would turn him on to see me do this and pleasure him first for once. Well it did and over the next several weeks I kept doing it then one day I went even further. I took some rope and played around with how I could tie my hands behind my back and came up with a way to turn myself into his personal sex slave. I managed to do some pretty wild set ups using furniture and tying myself up for him to come home to and do what he pleased.
He pleasures me so much I just wanted to give him something different, I mean just about every time we make love I am telling him he has to stop now because I am worn out from so much pleasure, he has amazing stamina to top it off.
How did I ever get so lucky!

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  • You’re a good wife. You know how to keep your husband. Slutty wives are the best.

  • He probably learned from porn

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