Had him lick my pussy all night long

I answered his online ad. He said he would lick a woman's pussy and not expect anything in return. He told I am the only woman who answered the ad. I was surprised as I thought more women liked sex like I do with a stranger. I am an oversexed woman and I know it. I can masturbate 4 times a day like a man does. I love it. So I met this man last week. We went to the beach, talked, he massaged my shoulders and back and I decided to go to his house with him. I got naked and let him see my beautiful naked female body. He told me I was beautiful and it's true I will admit. He went down and licked my pussy. He asked me how many times I could come in a night. The most I have is 4 I told him. He made me cum the first time. We kissed, cuddled and talked. He licked and sucked my clit again and again I came. We did this over and over all night long. He never tried to fuck me. I know why. He called twice and wants me back. I told him I will come back this weekend. I love to have my pussy licked by a man. It's the best feeling in the world. I love sex. I love men. I love fucking after I cum by being licked.


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  • Has a woman ever licked your pussy?

  • No, I have never been sexually with a woman before. How is it?

  • I hope your close I love it when you squirt in my mouth I could eat all day or night

  • How sweet to be eaten out for a really long time. That just sounds wonderful.

  • Real man eats pussy. Can you give me your email address so that we exchange our experience?

  • Are you male or female? Can you give me your email address first?

  • I’ll give you my email if you want it

  • Sounds sexy as hell and totally enjoyable.

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