My sexy sister

I have a sister who is very sexy. I don’t even see as my sister, because she looks so good. We have a close relationship and do a lot of things together. Sometimes when she sleeps over at my place, she casually walks around in her bikini panties and a T-shirt. Recently she and I were sleeping in my bed. Usually, she sleeps on one side and me on the other. One night she told me to hold her, because was cold. I cuddled up to her, as she faced her nice ass against my dick. She noticed my dick was throbbing. She began moving her ass, back and forth. I started moving my body like I was fucking her from behind. She let me do it for a moment, then she told me to stop. She immediately turned around, pulled my shorts down, grabbed my dick and began stroking it. I was going crazy. My sister wouldn’t let me fuck her, but she was jacking me off. As she stroked me, she leaned over and began to lick the side of my dick. With her hand holding it, she started to suck on it as her hand went up and down on my dick. I couldn’t stand it no more. I told her I was ready to come. I could see her looking at me, with my dick in her mouth. She kept on sucking me and I squirted a lot of come in her mouth and lips. She got up and cleaned herself up. After that she laid next to me and we drifted off to sleep. The next morning I was still horny for my sister, but she woke up before me and left. Later on she texted me and said she’d be back later that night. That was our first sexual fling and we’ve had a few more since. She is my sister, but I look at her as my secret sex partner, who satisfies my ultimate sexual desires

3 months ago

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    • After she went down on me, we later had consensual sex. At first, she didn’t want to, but now we have our secret rendezvous here and there. When you have a sexy sister, like mine, the excitement and taboo is a turn on.

    • My sister is still my ultimate lover. I love her body and love fucking her.

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