Mature pussy

Compared to a younger one, a mature/older pussy with hanging lips though looks loose and well fucked, is definitely slutty and more inviting. They are sexy and flexible enough to take both average and big cocks inside them. A mature woman with a well fucked, loose gaping pussy knows the ways of a strong cock of any size. I am in my mid-40s and a mother of two feel that, with childbirth, age and active sex any vagina becomes loose and much flexible. I can really feel my cunt is stuffed with a thicker, bigger and younger cock so well. A loose pussy with thick pair of lips is inviting for sucking mouths too. It signifies a sexually demanding woman who gets abandoned with hard and deeper fucks towards full amount of physical satisfaction. My hubby with 7.5" thick cock is very well with that!!
He invited a couple of Nigerian and Sudanese friends known to have bigger thicker and sturdy cocks for me and I enjoyed every bit of the experience as they filled my pussy till hitting my cervix and gave me loads of orgasms as my hubby watched my reaction. Since all of them were circumcised, I could feel their flared collar of the knob rubbing close against my g-spot. They fucked me in various positions, often after my hubby fucked me adding extra lubrication into my pussy for them. I could understand how thick and large cock I could take and enjoy! I love my husband and we still have good sex but I have become a slut for big cocks.

3 months ago


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    • At 22 my future wife Jill had a pretty big pussy, she was only 105 pounds. But I loved it, I could fuck her for hours with my big fat 7 inch dick. She always seemed embarrassed how big I was, like ~what high school like bullshit bragging- college grads don't boast about their usually big penises.~ Then one night I fucked her identical twin sister (sis said they fuck each other's BFs - a twin thing) -- I could barely get in her. WTF. 10 years later Jill had enough of my big dick stories. In college she had 2 bigger than me, 1 way bigger -- like a porn star. They did it 10x a week for 2 years. Sis went to a different college.,
      BTW 30 years later she's tight as a teen. The Fun Hole adapts to the dick that goes in it.

    • Will you send me a picture of your mature pussy?

    • Hey post your email and we can swap pictures

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