My mature nude wife

I found this photo on a email that my wife doesn’t use anymore. I guess whoever took the photo sent her a copy. She looks quite comfortable posing nude in the photo so it is obvious that she was nude for him quite often. I’m not sure but I think they met for sex.

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  • Yeah how old is she? And when were the pictures taken? I've been with my wife for almost 10 years now and I found an old Nokia phone of hers. There were some interesting texts,pics and vids on it of her and her ex. That puts her at around 20/21,so about 3 years before we got together. I'm far from jealous in fact I enjoy watching the vids and looking at the pics.

  • How old is she?

  • May I see that picture?

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  • So now what? what do you do with this info and pic ? Do you demand to know who what and when, and down load it on to your phone or laptop ?
    Will you just keep your mouth shut knowing she probably was with another and keep it your secret ?
    The ball is in your court, what will you do ?

  • Let’s trade stories about our slut wife

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