Jerking off and flashing mother in law

I have posted numerous times about cock flashing my MIL. This has had to stop due to lock down because she is living with her very old mum and she never comes to our house.
Because I can't flash her at the moment I recently started laying the ground work for a new idea. In the past she has caught me wanking (accidentally on purpose) and there have been at least two occasions when just the two of us have been in the house and I have told her "I'm just nipping to my bedroom for 5 minutes" and after my 5 minutes of loud banging in my room above the room where she is sat I go outside for a cigarette. She knows what I am doing.
To get my kicks from her a few months ago I told her lock down was frustrating me and I said "I know you know I like 5 minutes alone upstairs most days but I just can't get any some time now because the wife and I are both working from home and the kids are always running all over the place. A couple of weeks later I repeated my frustrations just to consolidate my frustration!
Then about 3 weeks ago I told her I still couldn't get my "alone time" and I asked if I could borrow her house (we already have a key) from time to time so I can have my 5 minutes alone. (Her house is free whilst she is staying at her mum's.) My MIL was very accommodating to my request although I think she was a bit puzzled at the fact that her son in law would ask her such a bizarre question. But she nervously agreed and then went quiet. I have therefore been to her house and wanked over her bras or by holding one of her bras around my cock whilst I wank. Then I text the MIL to let her know I have just nipped to her house for "5 minutes alone time" and I tell her something about the house like 'it was cold in your house this afternoon' or 'you had lots of post' etc.
To build confidence into my stories I also asked her not to tell my wife that I was "nipping to her house because Sarah "doesn't like it when I do certain things". She agreed. BTW it is worth pointing out that I do lots of favours for the MIL to keep her happy like going to the shop, taking the kids to see her and driving her places.
Unfortunately she is going to be moving home in a few weeks cos she is soon getting her covid vaccine very soon. So my next plan is to ask her if I can still pop round for "my 5 minutes alone time" when she is home. I think she will agree and she will know that I mean I want to wank but she will not acknowledge that. Therefore I am going to be more explicit and ask her "you know why I want to come over and I will bring my top shelf magazines" but I have no idea how she will respond. She may say "it's fine love" or she could lose it! I really don't know.... If she loses it she may tell her mum, her brother or the wife. It's risky! What should I do?

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