Homemade pussy

I would like to know how to make an instant pussy albums from my house like a toilet paper roll plastic or what because I jack off without her and I get tired so can I make an instant pussy anybody know how to make a little fast tell me you know honey right now and I want to make one

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  • If you live anywhere near a chicken farm, get a hold of a chicken hen. They shit out eggs about the diameter of a man's penis, so they can take your cock, just don't go in more than 3 inches or so cuz you could hurt the chicken. Lube up first with Vaseline or other sex lube, and have at her. It's warm and tight and way better than a real woman.

  • After 3 inches, can you feel the head of your cock hit the chickens cervix?

  • Make one using a tube from cycle-wheel, cut couple of longer of the length of your cock. Use lube and your imagination what to do next!

  • Do what soldiers do on long patrols. Take a cantaloupe and cut a hole the size of your hard dick in it. Instant pussy to fuck!!

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