This is a question to the ladies and the dudes too. Have you ladies ever sucked the dick of a dude who was passed out or his morning wood without waking him up and telling him? And dudes have you ever woken up to a hot chick giving you a ride? If so, how did you feel

5 months ago

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    • I was asleep when my wife was stroking my cock. She managed to get me up as i slept and when i awoke I had a hard on and she jerked me off. i came right away . Later she told me she loved the control she had over me that night and to be careful she had other plans for me.

    • I'm a dude, but...
      I was sleeping over at a friend's house in high school. We'd done some "show-me-yours-I'll-show-you-mine" earlier in the night, jerked off for one another, shit like that, but we hadn't really touched each other, because it was the nineties and gay was a punchline. Anyway, I woke up having to pee, he was still asleep. When I get back to his room he's rolled over out of his covers and his limp cock was hanging out. I was curious, so I started playing with his dick. It got hard in about .2 seconds(aahh, teenagers...) and I started sucking on it, doing all the stuff I'd seen in my dad's porno mags. He came almost as quick as he got hard, and I covered him back up and went back to bed. At the time I didn't think to make sure he wasn't waking up, I was too wrapped up in what I was doing. I think he could've been eating a sandwich and I wouldn't have noticed.

    • It was my brother in law. My sister was out early one morning when I was staying with them so I walked into her room only seeing her sleeping husband. I could tell right away he was stiff under the covers and his boxers which made my pussy tingle. I have no idea what came over me to walk over, pull back the covers, pull down his boxers and just stare at his hardening dick. But I did. It’s such a nice cock I needed to feel it but didn’t want to wake him up so I thought sucking it would be the same. Once my lips were around him I couldn’t stop I just started sucking and going further down as he hardened in my mouth. I kept looking up afraid he would wake up but he never did. It didn’t last long until he came in my mouth. I licked the rest of his cock clean and only put the covers back on him before I left. I think about it all the time

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