Wanking on speed!!

I’ve had a load of speed, and now I’m 3 and a half hours into a good wank! I’ll go for another couple of hours yet! I love how it feels, it’s hard to keep it hard, especially on speed. But my god does it feel gooood!

I’m downstairs and my wife is sound asleep in bed, so far I have gone through so many porn videos, of every category you could think of, it appears I’m a total pervert! All I can say is I’m like 90% straight usually, but right now if there was a cock right in front of me I would suck the life out of it!!

Anyway thought I would share that before I get back to it!!

4 months ago

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    • Speed will do that to you. I'm gay, but when I hit that pipe, it goes str8 to my cock and instantly I'm horny and perverted. I still think about guys. But I will jerk off thinking about fucking a girls tight, wet, hairless pussy. My dick gets throbbing hard and drips precum.
      So speed will make a str8 man do gay things and a gay man do str8 things.

    • True, everytime ivget so horny with gay thoughts, or stealing and wearing my moms thong

    • Funny when I am high and I am I find myself totally turned on by man on man the more extreme the better. And, I am a straight female.

    • I am a straight male and when I get spun my dick GET's HOT AND ROCK HARD and I have nasty fantacies about committing sex acts with a man,
      For a woman that wants to watch me and gets a hot
      pussy watching, thAt is a hot fantacy for me,and sharing all our nasty hot tabboo secrets. Tessa???

    • I'm spun now dressed in red skirt panties and stocking my girl and me dress all day and fuck while fuck8ng all I can think about is sucking a tranny big cock and think about this 24/7 I'm jerking. For hours also I need to suck my first cock in pa

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