I Had Sex with My Boyfriend’s Father

Alright, I'm a slut and a piece of shit. I should, I hate myself, but I don't. Tonight, just a few hours ago while drunk I let my boyfriend’s dad fuck me and cum inside me. I’m not even on birth control.

We’re both college students due to Pandemic I agreed to stay with he and his dad for the semester. I’m a night owl so when my BF went to bed early I was left alone with his dad in the living room on the couch. We kept getting closer and closer till I was practically snuggling him. I have always liked older men.
His hands started touching me, and it got more sexual till he was full on groping me. I was confused yet, very much turned on. Eventually he started pulling my clothes off, and I let him. After that you know what happened.
Trust me, It wasn’t rape. He stopped multiple times waiting for me to say “No” and I never did. Tomorrow I’m going to ask him to take me to get plan B and then figure out how to tell my boyfriend or if I should just break up with him.

I really do love him still, but he deserves better. But frankly, after getting fucked by his dad, sexually, my boyfriend doesn’t even come close. I plan on fucking his dad again.
Wish me luck!!!!

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  • Yes tell him the truth he deserves better, wouldent want to know you or my father if this happened

  • If he is surgically safe...you don't need plan B. Ask him if he is.

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