My wife fucked her baby daddy ex and his 2 brothers in one night

My wife confessed to me that before we met she fucked her ex boyfriend and father of their 2 daughters, and his 2 brothers. In one night!! Her ex was drunk and rage fucked her raw then passed out cold. He was snoring so she went to their guest bedroom. No longer did she settle in and 1 of her boyfriends brothers entered the room and pinned her down and fucked her raw. No longer did he cum and the 2nd brother started knocking on the door. They didn't want to be busted so 1st brother jumped out of bedroom window. She opened the door for 2nd brother, who by the way was the youngest and had the biggest thickest cock. And then let him fuck her in the ass raw. And he was the best. She took 2 creampies in her pussy and 1 in her ass by 3 brothers, separately in one night. You can't make this shit up. I never expected her telling me such things to turn me on. But it did. And it opened up a new world to me.


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  • My wife told me that before we met she was having an affair with some married guy at work. They were hot and heavy for about 6 mos when the boy friend wanted to have his brother fuck her as well and at the same time.
    They did the deed and did several threesome over the next year. She said both had thick cocks and would fuck her all day long. She said she couldn't get enough of their thick cocks and craved having two at once.
    This went on when out of the blue they decided to make a movie of their next event, which they did.
    She has not shown me the movie but I know she has it hidden somewhere.

  • Sounds like a fun woman.

  • I agree. She is definitely a great person. And I encourage her to sleep with whoever she wants. Her pleasure is my favorite thing in this world

  • Everyone has a past. It doesn't make her a bad person

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