Hate by Boyfriends Penis

I hate my boyfriends penis. It’s way too big. I feel it in my stomach and it’s so uncomfortable. I get cramps the next morning.

My friend told me to get big toys to train myself with, but that’s gross. I wish he could be average or a little below it so I could ride it all the time. Hey, some girls like to feel full, but not me.

Outside of the bedroom he’s my best friend. Inside of the bedroom I feel like I’m sprinting after eating a whole Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.

4 months ago

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    • Start out slow with him and you'll eventually get used to his size.

    • How big is he? I'm 6 inches?

    • A little less than 8 i think

    • Girlfriends and FWB told me I was big. A virgin GF at 18 I could barely get in. We reconnected 7 years later, her vagina was way bigger -- in a good way.
      She said her college boyfriend was like porn star big. My 105 lb wife had a big vagina too when we when first met. We traveled in the same circle. She went with the college girl's big ex too, just before we dated. But years later my wife's pussy is way smaller than when we first dated. Pussy grows and shrinks with the penis size that goes in it. It's by nature an all inclusive host.
      I'm guessing you just started seeing him, and it will get more comfortable in time.

    • Agreed, as you have more sex with him your pussy will stretch to fit him and you'll start to really enjoy his large member.

    • Just tell him not to go in all the way.

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