Fucked Mother n Law

I am in love with my mother n law. We have fucked on multiple occasions. I am in my 30s and her 40s. She is so gorgeous and a wonderful woman. Biggest thing is she is my kink. She does everything that I love in sex and does it willingly. I have recorded our sessions multiple times. Each time its gets better and better. I should stop fucking her but her pussy and ass and mouth is so good though. Like perfect.

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  • When my wife (Jane) and I split up I remained on good terms with her mother (Pam). I know that's strange but wife and her mother never got on and once wife left me she never contacted her mother. One evening, about a month after our split, Pam turned up at the house, unannounced, looking to see Jane. I told her that I had no idea where Jane was nor did I know her phone number (she had changed her cell phone). Now, mother-in-law lived hours away so could not easily return. She had booked a motel but I told her that she could stay with me for a few days as I was off shift. She agreed. At this point I was expecting nothing more. She was a trim attractive woman, early 60s and long term separated from her husband but because of religious grounds, not divorced. We ordered take out and I had a few bottles of wine so we stay in, chatted and drank. Around 10pm she went for a shower and said that she was going to bed in the spare room. Around an hour later I followed and went up to my room to find the side light on and Pam awake in bed. I was momentarily speechless and said something like I'd go to the other room but she then pulled the cover aside, I could see that she was naked, and old me to get in. I was wondering if this was some sort of joke or trap but I couldn't say no so I rapidly stripped and got in. We cuddled close and of course I started to get hard, which she could obviously feel against her. Then her hand clasped around my cock and she started to rub. I was kissing her, my right hand slipped between her thighs and I could feel that she was wet already. I quickly rolled on top, her legs opened and I was swiftly inside. It didn't take long before I came inside her.

    Needless to say, we had a lot of sex together over the next few days before she returned. Yes, we did meet up many more times over the next year, either at my place or hers. It was great sex, no complications, we both got what we wanted. No regrets.

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