The Ass Kicking

Its been 6 years and I feel its now safe to tell this story. Not only is this a True story, also, to this day (thousands of sexual encounters later) it’s still the best fucking I’ve ever received…

My boyfriend & I had been dating about 3 years when I got the idea. I had been fucking this other guy the entire time we were dating. Even before that, actually. This other guy I was cheating with is the same guy who asked me to stop shaving my pubes/pits, which I gladly did. This guy I was cheating with was totally stacked: Tall, Fit, Strong, & holy shit a HUUUGE fucking cock. All of which was precisely the opposite of my milk toast boyfriend. Currently this guy was working as a bouncer at a new club over in Philly I’d actually wanted to go to for some time. And it just so happens that, this other guy?

He’s my brother, Sonny.

I know, I know. I know what you’re thinking: “That’s gross,” or “That’s perverted” or whatever. I don’t give a fuck, Ok. Reread his description above. That kind of guy? He’s rare. Very rare. No fucking way I was passing him up just because he happened to arrive in the world from the same set of parents. That’s a cosmic accident as far as I’m concerned. I challenge any red-blooded woman with a healthy sexual appetite…of any age…to tell me they wouldn’t fuck my brother too. Lastly, we were both of fucking consenting age, so give me/him a break. He’s had all kinds, in every type of relationship status, all over the damn place: he’s very popular with the ladies. So why not me too?! When you’re as perpetually horny as I am, it’s not even a choice. And besides…
When we fucked after he got home from deployment, he seemed to love talking shit about my somewhat weak, half breed looking black boyfriend just as much as I did. Which gave me an idea. A very wicked idea. And when I shared it with Sonny, he was only too delighted to agree. And so, one night…we planned it all out.

I straight up told my boyfriend that I really wanted him to take me to that new club. It’s not his scene, but when I told him I’d be so grateful I’d let him do anything he wanted to me afterward, he ended up booking us the biggest suite in the fanciest hotel downtown for a night out. He planned the whole thing as a surprise & didn’t actually tell me until the day of, so I had to make a frantic, last minute phone call to my brother to make sure he’d be working that night.

Fortunately, he was. :-)))))

When we got to the club, there was a huge ass line, as expected. I told my boyfriend to go tip the tall bouncer at the door to get us in (my boyfriend had never met my brother: my brother was in the Marine Corps & always away from home, usually on deployment). He came back a few minutes later & told me he’d given the guy $100 but he still wouldn’t let us in. I told my boyfriend if he expected me to let him fuck me like I promised he’d better get us in:

“Hey Mikey, if you don’t get me in here, you’re not getting in me later! We clear?!”

I then told my boyfriend to go to the bouncer & tell him he can’t take his money for nothing: either he lets us in or he gives my boyfriend the money back.

This was, of course, the prearranged plan all along. ;-)~

When my boyfriend loudly confronted him, my brother & another bouncer each grabbed him by one arm, dragged him bodily into a nearby alley, & proceeded to beat the living shit outta him. The other bouncer pinned my boyfriend’s arms & then my brother methodically went to town. You could hear the thudding blows all the way out on the street.

My boyfriend was still out cold when the police arrived. Paramedics stretchered him into an ambulance to go get him checked out. My brother & the other bouncer told the cops this guy had shown up smelling like booze & was swaggering around, being loud & acting all belligerent & shit.

Corroborating witnesses confirmed he’d been trying to get in by cutting the line a few times & had been yelling something about money. The police left when the club agreed not to press any charges.

As soon as the ambulance left, my brother asked his boss if he could have the rest of the night off “because of the stress” of what just happened. His boss said that was fine by him; he was just about to tell my brother to do the same thing. We went back to the hotel my boyfriend had booked for us, & I rewarded my brother for kicking my boyfriend’s ass with the best blowjob of his life, & then he fucked me for hours in every position possible: on the bed (hot!), in the bathroom watching ourselves in the mirror (hotter!), & up against the window (hottest!)…

When he was finally done fucking me with his huge cock (after pounding my faggot boyfriend with his huge fists earlier) he came on my face first, then all over my tits.
So… Much…Cum.

My poor pathetic loser boyfriend had contusions all over his face, a broken nose, & a cracked rib from the beating, so he was in the hospital for a few days recovering. As soon as he regained consciousness he began texting me, then calling me. I ignored all his calls & texts, save one: I texted him back just once to tell him that I was extremely pissed off that he ruined our special night out. Of course, the truth was I simply couldn’t be bothered to answer him because my hot hung brother was fucking me into continuous, crippling, mind blowing orgasms in his bed.

When my boyfriend was medically cleared, I told him I couldn’t pick him up because I was busy (i.e. sucking & fucking my brother, though he had no clue) & made him take a cab home. My brother finished up one last time as my boyfriend was on his way back, kissed me goodbye, & had left by the time my boyfriend arrived. So…

That’s the story of how I fucked my incredibly hot & hung brother that my boyfriend pretty much paid to beat the crap outta him & then fuck me repeatedly & continually senseless over several days behind his back, all while he was laid up in a hospital bed from said ass kicking.

I thought our plan worked out splendidly and much much more ;-)~”

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