My 1st blow job

When I was 11 I used to hang out with a boy down the street. he was 17. one day i walked into his garage and there he was jerking off! he saw me but did'nt stop so I just watched until he came. it was very exciteing watching his dick pulse out the sperm! later that day we were in the woods and he asked if I wanted to watch him cum again. I said yes!!! i watched very close this time. he asked if I wanted to stroke his dick and of course i did! it was so big in my hand and felt very hot to the touch. I really enjoyed stroking him and when he came it got all over my hands! again this was very exciting to me!! the next time we were together he asked me again if I wanted to play with his dick. yes I did. he asked if I would take my pants off first so I did. my little dick was hard as a rock as i stroked him. he told me to kiss his dick so I did . he said I should let it go in and out of my mouth. As my head bobbed up and down on his dick he started moaning and he came in my mouth!! after that I was hooked and sucked his dickalmost every day for about three months then he moved away. it would be 13 years until I sucked another dick!!!


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