My bf’s dad fucked me better than he ever could

And it started on my boyfriend’s birthday. His parents threw him this incredible house party for his 18th: DJ, bartender, and all. They said they would turn in early to give everyone the freedom to do what they wanted but not even halfway through the night his dad came back down.

My boyfriend was off in the sea of people partying having a great time while I was tipsy hanging in the back. His dad walked up and asked why I wasn’t with his son and I just said “he wants to be with his boys I can’t blame him” We started chatting and I think even flirting when one of my favorite dance songs come on. I don’t know what happened but I just started dancing on my bf’s dad. He’s taller than my bf, stronger because he’s a mechanic, and from feeling it stiff on my ass he’s bigger than my bf too. So there I am, dancing like a club slut with my bf’s dad on his birthday.

The song changed, but still had the same energy, so I turned to face his dad and dance with the front of our bodies touching. Hips swaying together, his harden cock against the top of my mound, holding on to his neck as I felt myself get wet. I kissed him. Never breaking our movement, I reached up and kissed his dad on the mouth. He moved his hand to the side of my face and pulled me closer, sliding his tongue into my mouth. Grinding our bodies against each other in the back of the dance floor, his hand went to my ass to squeeze it hard. When he pulled away he grabbed my hand and said “Follow me princess”

We tried the bathroom, saw my bf’s lacrosse team mate eating I think a freshmen’s pussy. Then we tried the guest room only to be greeted by a busty white teen girl on her knees on the bed with three naked black teens surrounding her. We were left with my bf’s room. I tried to stop his dad but all he did was reach down and grab his rock hard cock saying “Wether you’re with me or not, I’m getting rid of this.” So I snuck in with him.

Sitting on the bed I lost my virginity on, we started making out again. His dad pulling me to his lap and commanding me to grind my little pussy on his hard cock. Holding his hips, I did as I’m told while he lift the hem of my skirt over my hips and spanked my now bare ass. He pushed me back onto the bed demanding I strip as he stood In front of me taking his own clothes off. There I sat on my bf’s bed naked staring at the hard cock of his father’s. I couldn’t stop myself, I crawled back to him mouth open begging for his cock. He gladly stuck it in, ready to fuck my face while he played with my ass. Gagging and drooling over this big thick cock only made my pussy wetter. Which he felt.

His dad laid beside me and slapped his lap. “Come on girl...I hear you two on weekends...I know you can ride. Be a good cowgirl and ride daddy.” My pussy tingled hearing him talk to me like that as I knelt up and straddled his lap. Lining my dripping wet hole with his precum and spit covered cock I slowly sat down. Moans dripping from my lips as he grabbed handfuls of my tits. I started moving my hips faster, then full on bouncing. Before long I was bouncing on his cock moaning “Daddy” while he rubbed my clit. When he sat up and sucked my nipples, it sent me over. I grabbed his shoulders and cummed hard on his cock. Panting, leaning back ready to get off only to be met with “oh no little girl, I didn’t cum yet. We’re not done.”

He flipped us over so that my face was against the mattress, ass in the air, and him standing on the floor. He slapped his wet hard cock on my ass and pussy before shoving it deep into me. A smile spread on my face as he slammed his cock deep into my little pussy over and over. Lost in the euphoria, I didn’t notice his cock head rubbing on my asshole. He spit on it, muttered a “don’t be loud” and slowly shoved his cock into my unused asshole. I bit hard on the sheets, my knuckles burning from gripping the edge of the mattress, as he pushed more and more of his cock in me.

Once I felt his balls on my dripping pussy, I knew I was over. I don’t know if it was the pain, the pleasure, or the alcohol but I blacked out once he picked up speed. Don’t know how long he went but I came to just as he was digging his fingernails into my hips and groaning “oooh fuck baby girl I’m cumming I’m cumming uuuuggghhh” and he filled up my asshole with his hot cum. He collapsed on top of me where we panted like dogs. He pulled out of my ass, making me moan one last time, and I begged him to stay with me until I can walk again. He helped freshen me up and we cuddled on his son’s bed.

4 months ago

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    • At least you are keeping it in the family

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