My kids and their wierd game...

My kids have been playing a wierd game with one another for some time, now. I have a 16-year-old son and a 14-year old daughter. I'm a single-parent, their dad and I divorced long ago. Anyway, my son is a football player (he's a quarterback, I'm so proud). But my kids have this wierd game they have been playing with one another and I've been a little worried about it. They don't know that I see them play this little game. We live in a 1-bedroom trailer. That's all I can afford. I sleep in the bedroom and they share the hide-a-bed that folds out from the couch in the living room. When they go to bed, they share a set of pajamas. He wears the pajama bottoms and she wears the pajama tops. But the game they play is, like, when he gets home from football practice and after he showers, he walks around for a while with just his towel on and he usually starts talking on his cell-phone. But what his sister likes to do is, while he is on the phone, she likes to snatch his towel off and grab his penis just to watch his reaction and listen to him stutter while he talks on the phone and tries to fend her off. The whole time he is on the phone, after she has snatched his towel off and he is completely naked, she likes to keep grabbing his penis. She thinks it's hilarious and laughs the whole time. And he tries to fend her off the best he can but he laughs, too. At first, I just thought this was harmless fun between brother and sister, but then I noticed that, after awhile, he just sits there and lets her grab his penis. And lately, as she grabs him, he gets an erection. And she continues to grab him. She has even been, what appears to me to be, stroking him. I spy all of this from my bedroom. From my bedroom, I have a direct view of the living room and sometimes I'll turn off the light so they will think I'm asleep and I'll slightly crack open my door and watch them in the living room. But after a while, I get uncomfortable watching them do all this and I just close the door and watch television or go to sleep or something. And this little game of theirs has gotten wierder because now what he does is, at night when she is on the phone and she is in her pajama top, as she is talking on the phone, he will reach up her pajama top and sqeeze her breasts. And she will try to fend him off and they'll be laughing and all. But on several occasions, when she has been on the phone and I haven't heard them laughing, I've peeked out and seen my son on top of his sister with her pajama top completely off and him sucking her breasts as she was talking on the phone. And she was not trying to get away from him, at all. She was just lying on her back and stroking the back of his head while he sucked her breasts. As of yet, I have not said anything to them about it. What can I say? To bring it up would just be too uncomfortable and too embarassing. It's probably just a phase. I'm a waitress and I work from 2pm-10:30pm Monday through Friday so the only time I have seen them do this is on the weekends because, on the weekdays, they are usually asleep by the time I get home (I usually get home at about 11pm). But several times, when I have come home and they were both asleep on the hide-a-bed, her pajama top and panties were on the floor on one side of the bed and his pajama bottoms and underwear were on the floor on the other side of the bed. Now, to me, that seemed very strange. But they had a blanket over them so I don't know if they were naked under the blanket so I certainly can't accuse them of anything, right? I mean, I have to assume the best about my children, right? They're good kids. They get good grades, they stay out of trouble, they do they're chores. I don't feel I have any right to think any ill of them. This little game of theirs could just be a game they play on the weekends just because they are bored. On the weekdays, they are probably to busy with homework. So I could be just completely over-reacting. I mean, if this is just a weekend game that they play, probably because they just have too much time on their hands on the weekend, then that's not so bad, right? Like I said, they're good kids.



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  • I think its time for a birth control talk and then follow through.

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  • Just make sure that she is on Birth control and let it go
    What they are doing wont stop by scolding or discussing it

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  • Why not let your daughter sleep with you. And your son stays in the living room.

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  • You ought to have a talk with your daughter, and take her to get birth control.

    Nevermind whether they are 'doing it' or not...that's not really in your control, is it ?

    But protecting your daughter, whether you condone what is going on, or not, is your responsibility as a parent.

  • You should post more of this kind of stuff or at least leave us updated on the game your kids are playing.

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  • I'm surprised this hasn't been removed. Sexual activity among or concerning cildren have no place in a discussion like this.

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  • Madam, your kids are indulging in incest and you are mute?

  • Maybe she doesn't know what is incest

  • Give them this to read:

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    30 “‘No, father Abraham,’ he said, ‘but if someone from the dead goes to them, they will repent.’

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  • They usually grow out of it

  • You can only afford to live in a 1 bed trailer but at least you have a computer and internet access and your son has a cell phone too at 16.... can i suggest that you plan your story lines out first and check for any serious flaws if you want them to be believable at all...

  • YOU CAN GET LIKE 3 PHONES FOR LIKE $1O PER PHONE AND FOR LIKE 2O BUCKS A MONTH AND THERE ARE COMPUTERS LIKE MINE THAT COST $100 or $200 bucks and wifi is like $50 and I don't think you know what it is like to be broke my mother can only afford a one bedroom apartment for my twin sister and I and we have phones and we are 13 so you should just shut the fuck up before you actually start saying stuff that is not true

  • Okay, so I read a couple comments and I have to say I comoletly disagree with a lot of them. I don't. Find it okay. You should honestly talk to them. Don't bring it up just walk in on them and then talk to them. (If you catch then they would need to explain.) Many people not on this website would agree with me. Not to be disrespectful, but a mother should never let just see what's happening and not talk to them about it. Oh, and I wish your situation gets better just remember to try you hardest, which in sure you already do.

  • They are definitely having sex with each other. I would honestly talk to them and that talk will be based on your views of what sex should be. I'm up for experimentation and while I would never have sex with my brother I'm not going to judge women that do. With that said, make sure your daughter does not get pregnant. There are so many awful diseases that came about because of sister-brother relationships. I would be okay with them experimenting with each other but they need to know that if they ever want to be in a relationship that leads to marriage and kids it cannot be with each other.

  • Lets nor beat about the bush your son is fucking his sister there is nothing wrong with it, me and my brother fucked our sister we use to take turns on her we all loved it its sex learning

  • Sex and hormones go together. I feel it is fine but young boys and girls eventually talk and that is the problem. It frustrates me that they love to fuck then they go blabbing about it and then the parent gets arrested. Talk to them and tell them point blank if they are fucking it must be kept PRIVATE NO TALKING TO FRIENDS OR ANYONE. They are not babies and make sure your daughter has birth control. Let them enjoy the sexual experience. They are doing it anyway.
    But you do not need to be arrested for letting them. Incest is legal in some states. Relax mom.

  • Hahahhaha a 1 bed trailer u hill billy fucker ! hahahah is your dad your brother and uncle too ? hahaha oh no !

  • Come on! You know they are fucking each other! You need to get in on the fun, and get your daughter on birth control right away! Just jump in bed with them and say something like "Wow it is crowded in this bed! Let's go get in my bed so we have more room to have fun!" Good Luck!!

  • I suggest you confront to them about it. What? Do you want them to have children? Fuck each other daily? Set them down, and bring it up calmly and be safe about it. Make sure not to say anything wrong, though. Explain why they shouldn't. But have good, detailed explanation and do research with why. Good luck!
    P.S: Just make them stop.

  • And btw if you're watching them, you might as well join them to help along with their "sex ed" you sick nasty bitch! *Gag* :-O

  • They're good kids....that happen to be fucking each others brains out!!! Hello!!! You want one eyed grandchildren??? GTFO of the trailer park honey!

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  • My first sexual encounter was while I was 15, so I'm sure she is fucking him. I never got pregnant and I was lucky as I never used any birth control of ANY kind. Get her on the pill so this doesn't end badly.

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  • U fuck up parent ur kids fucking each other love open incest families U live in ohio too like me lets met up have swing family ;)

  • They will continue to have sex regardless of what you say to them. They are your children yes. They are good kids yes, but they are also their own person and obviously have sexual desires for each other. There is absolutely nothing you or anyone can do to stop it!
    Get her on birth control immediately!

  • I'm with you.

    and about a proud father declaring he is a "waitress" ? Do you serve tables "enfemme" ? Don't keep all your CDs in the Bank ?

  • Oops, misread, ignore crossdressing innuendo, please.

  • Dumbest parent ever! "Oh yeah, I caught her sucking his dick & them fucking many times. And another time I came home just in time to see my son cumming all over his sister's face. That's so weird!" You piss me off with how fucking stupid you are. A real parent would instantly put a stop to it if they noticed their kids are touching each other & especially if the son is sucking on his sister's boobs. I'm surprised you didn't say anything in the post about masturbating in your bedroom while watching or after closing the door. Might as well have. Or join in.

  • Fake as fuck

  • When my mom and dad divorce mom could only afford a tiny apartment and my older sis and I had to share a bed. I was 16 and she was 17. It only took a few days before we were kissing and hugging each other. When we were comfortable around each other to change our clothes and see each other naked it didn't take long until we were having sex with each other.

    If you can't see that your kids are having sex you are blind.

  • This happens a lot to others I have chatted too.
    And although its incest.
    If using protection.
    Let them enjoy it.

  • I'll assume this is a true story.
    Incest is pretty common. And if it isn't forced it is just as beautiful as any other relationship. IF you must, though, talk to them. But don't go on "attack mode". Just sit and talk, and in the name of everything that you hold dear, LISTEN too. And listen well. Don't try to separate them (like sending one of them to live with their dad) or anything harsh like that. It'll ruin them. Also, talk to them about safe sex. And don't be harsh on yourself! It just happens, and happens a lot more than you think. I hope this helps.

  • If this is true. You should have said something a long time ago. Like: "Stop touching your brother there. That's his private parts. No one has a right to do that but your husband/wife". I know this sounds infantile but it's what I told my SMALL children for purposes other than possible incest.
    Obviously your kids are older so no need to talk down to them, but you need to be a parent & tell them what their doing in your opinion is wrong and the adverse consequences of incest pregnancy. Obviously you have access to the internet so google it.
    Other than that. Step up, talk to your kids and good luck in life.

  • Either this story is utter bullshit, or you're the worst parent I've ever come across on the internet. I'm going to go with option one. Don't believe a word of it.

  • It's clear they're messing around, so anything you say about it likely won't make it end. Could be harmless exploration or a safe outlet. I've been there, used to mess around with my older sister, both at home and in her first apartment. We both enjoyed it, saw it as it was (harmless and fun between us), and indulging of each other's playfulness. Don't beat yourself up over this. Again, there's likely little you can do anyway. My guess is that the boy's girlfriends look like the sister, and the sister's boyfriends look like the brother. I know many of my girlfriends saw how close I was to my older sister (not that we messed around in front of anyone), and tried to be and look like her to keep my interest. True story.

  • Get her on birth control quickly. They are going to continue to have sex and you can't stop them. You may even want to join them naked in bed and make it a 3 way. A family that plays together, stays together. Don't let some fictional religious beliefs tell you it's wrong. I would rather my son screw my daughter than some strange boys.

  • Those religious beliefs aren't fictional.

  • What do you mean, you cant prove their real, to you believe in jedi's too?

  • They split a pair of pajamas? Really? You can't afford to buy another pair for them? He has football..that has to cost something. And when they're doing this shit.. you turn a blind eye. Maybe when she gets pregnant with your grandchild you can explain to her then why fucking her brother is wrong. Way to be a parent. Just because you live in a trailer and make minimum wage doesn't mean you can't assert your authority as a parent and explain to them and say..uh no.. brothers and sisters don't do that. It's inappropriate...

  • Its Obvoius They Are Most Likely Already HavinG Sex With Eachother. You Probably Wont Be Able To Stop It. Make Sure They Dont Get Pregnant, Its All You Can Do. Talking Wont Stop Them But Talking Can Teach Them To Protect ThemSelves From Getting Pregnant.

  • Things between them started off playfully but now things are getting really sexual. It might be time to have a sit down with them. Incest is actually pretty common.

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