Men I fucked behind husbands back

The office had a window and I could see the Mexican parking lot attendant everyday looking at me. I am white female, super fit & sexy body, beautiful face. He looked at me hard one day staring at me and I didn't look away, my heart pounding craving him fucking me, eating me, making me cum. I wanted to make and hear him cum in me so much. I knew that day and he told me so did he that he and I would be fucking soon. Well, he came into my office after work and my boss was gone. We started with me pulling down my underwear, hoisting up my skirt, he fingered my clit while he fucked me from behind. We fucked in every office, on the floor, in a closet at work, and I loved it. I I came home with rug burns once and my husband noticed. I lied and said, "That is was from something else." I loved the thought that me, a while, college educated rich girl was fucking and had his face in my pussy a Mexican high school education parking lot attendant. It turned me on. He had a thick dick, and it felt so good I would get such a high thinking after work I get to be with this nasty, good looking, Mexican ex gang member. I loved fucking him and sadly it ended. But that did not end me fucking other men behind my husband's back. I have fucked (or given a blow job in the car to a man once) 3 of his friends behind his back, one is his work partner, One of his friends came over to the house when my husband was gone. I lifted my skit, pulled my panties aside and he said, 'OMG, you are so much fun. Way more fun than my wife is she won't do anything fun, or sexual. You are so sexual. Well, I let him fuck me from behind while I held onto the couch taking all Dave's big cock inside of me, I let him take me to motels where we'd drink a little and play in the bed till we fucked and came over and over, I fucked his partner in his partners bed, but left him because he didn't make me cum. I fucked men I chose to fuck too. One time at the bar I was talking to a guy and he was hot, and I leaned over and kissed him on the lips. We left in his car and fucked in his condo for the next 5 months. He said I had the tightest pussy, best looking girl with the nicest tits and legs he's ever seen. My husband would leave me if he caught me, but I am too beautiful and sexual to not have other men. They want me all the time, and I pick out of the ones who want me. I won't stop being sexual and I love to cum and I love a man to cum inside my pussy. It is so exciting to be naked in bed with a man. I love to see your hard on and I love to be eaten and cum in your mouth. I love your faces and excitement when you see my gorgeous, size 32DDD perfect boobs, and my flat stomach, and feel my tight pussy with your hands on my ass as you push to get deep inside me. I love that my pussy is tight and I am sexy. I love to cum thinking about a man. I started masturbating to orgasm when I was 8. I often thought what it would feel like for a man to lick my clit to orgasm. I love it now.


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  • I totally love how aggressive you cheat. I dream about cheating on my husband almost every day and even chose a guy I would go for as my first (my "cheating cherry" a girlfriend from work called her first adultery) but not my last but so I far I havent been able to follow it thru. Maybe one day I'll be even half of the brave warrior you are. Thank you for writing this. You have gave me such hope. I pray you have more and more dates with more and more friends of your husbands which is SOOOOOOOOOO effing hot!! Thank you again!

  • But why?? You don’t love your husband??

  • 2 years ago we had a pool party. When it got dark out we skinny dipped.
    My buddy's wife, has no filters, "man you have big penis, every other guy has a small noodle compared to yours." Now on the phone, when I call for him, "did you treat Judy (wife) to your zucchini today?" .."let me know if you want me,, I'll think about it ,,,, not sure I can handle it."

  • My wife does that too. No filter and no shame. It annoys some people, but many others like it. She often blurts out risky comments and in the right setting it gets her tons of attention and has gotten her lots and lots of dick.

  • Friend of mines wife is the same way, they have a sauna and I helped him set it up. I went over for the first sauna and was surprised when they were both nude, his wife told me no clothes here so hang up those shorts. I came back in and saw her catching glimpses of me. I called him up a few weeks later and she answered his phone telling me he was in the bathroom then in a low voice asked me when I was going to sauna again because she loved seeing my huge balls last time.

  • Enjoy it while you can, before you sag and weaken.

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