Turned an innocent wife into a slut very, very, very, slowly.

She was an innocent younger lady when I met her. I was 30 and she was 20. She was VERY hot but her previous boyfriend was an asshole and basically convinced her she was ugly. He was very abusive.

So, once I had my shot at her, I slowly tried to build up her confidence. At first, I asked if I could post anonymous nudes of her online to "PROVE" to her that she was attractive. She was reluctant at first, but she let me post a few nudes of her to a website where guys could leave reviews. The reviews were great and it made her feel sexier. So, we continued with this process for quite some time and it really built up her confidence.

Eventually, I asked her if it turned her on that other guys were looking at her nude body and evaluating her. She said it did. Then I asked if she wanted to try live video to "put on a show" for a stranger. With a little coaxing, she did.

Later, I suggested we contact another guy and actually have sex as he watched. She agreed as long as her face was never visible. The guy was very nice and complimentary of her and her body.

I progressed with this asking her more and more about her dark, deep fantasies. I usually asked these questions DURING sex so she was very relaxed and would reply with kinky ideas. I FINALLY got her to admit she wanted to try 2 guys at once so I jumped at setting that up.

I found a guy who seemed very nice online. We met in a public place. We were nervous, he was nervous, and we decided to do the deed. I paid for a hotel room and my wife and I waited for a knock on the door after texting him the room number.

He came in and I just sat on one of the double beds and watched as he approached my wife and began stripping her. Moments later, she was nude on the bed and he crawled up between her legs and began eating her. She turned her head and rolled her eyes up and smiled at me as if to say, "Holy shit! This is amazing!" She looked into my eyes quite a bit as he ate her pussy.

Then, after putting on a condom for him, my wife asked him to slide inside. They fucked HARD for about 20 minutes until he lost his load. My wife had two orgasms during the fun. I almost exploded watching.

After he pulled out and went to clean up, I began fucking her. He walked back in the room to discover me fucking my wife after he did and just stood there and watched me nail her. I pulled out and shot my cum all over her tits and face and he really enjoyed watching her get glazed.

After this day, I asked her if she wanted to repeat the fun later. She agreed. So, we found guy #2. Basically, the entire event repeated with a new guy. This time he was just legal and really strong! He fucked her SOOOOOO hard and she was screaming with pleasure. Since THIS guy was married we let him go raw and he filled my wife with cum.

So, she was now ALMOST to the full slut stage. I began searching for swing clubs in the area. I finally found a private house club with hottubs and a pool. We had to become "members" with an initiation fee and an additional "party" fee.

In the swing club I had her strip totally nude and walk around. She was shaking and totally nervous. She could barely walk from the fear of exposure as about 20 guys and 10 girls just watched her fully nude body as I had her walk from place to place to get a drink, talk to people, etc.

This club had 5 bedrooms you could "reserve for play" if you put your name on the door as the next person to enter. First, I took her into a room with me, but we left the door open so that anyone walking by could look in and see me fucking her. For that reason, I had her cowgirls facing the door so she had to look at the guy's faces as her tits bounced up and down as she rode my cock.

She really got off on this so she became more relaxed and began having a drink or two (something she said before going she would NOT do because she didn't want to lose control of her body). Well, she didn't seem to care so, I "tabled her".

At this club, if a guy lifts his wife or girlfriend up and places her naked ass on the table, that means her pussy is "open to all". It's like giving everyone in the room a gift.

Guys lined up quickly and I was really nervous as I watched one after another take turns with her. By the end, there was cum dripping down her inner legs all the way into her high-heeled shoes!!! It was soooooo hot!

Now, she is open to being shared on a regular basis. It took years, but I took an innocent girl who had only ever had 3 cocks in her life, who had been a youth pastor at her church, who once believed in "true love" and being faithful...and turned her into a total WHORE. I loved watching her innocence crumble. I loved watching her break our vows over and over and over again.

Now, when she is on buisness trips, I encourage her to find a guy she likes and fuck him at the hotel AS LONG as she first sends me a picture of the two of them together and I know who the guy is at least. Then, she stops texting and they fuck as I imagine what is going on and get really hard and take care of myself. After she is done she will simply text me "O and a number" such as "O2". This means the guy gave her 2 orgasms while fucking. I'm always excited to see the number.

When she returns from her little encounters, I often get a full description of how she was fucked and what she did to the other guy as she takes care of me.

It's nice to have a wife AND a slut I can enjoy. I just got lucky with her but it took some convincing to corrupt her.


4 months ago


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    • I didn't have to turn my wife into a slut. She was already a slut when I met her. However once we got married she stopped fucking other men. Boring. In the first ten years of our marriage she only fuck four other men. The only reason for that was to please me at swingers meetings. Then it happened one day out of the blue she asked me is she could fuck someone she met on line. I said let me see what he looks like. She showed me his photo. A young black guy with a 11 inch cock. OMG he is going to open her up big time. I said ok and now in her second 10 years she has fucked about eight of nine guys per year. The bitch is cock hungry for sure. Finally I got that slut I met 22 years ago. I love sluts.

    • Love it

    • Lucky guy had my wife fucking other men . Loved it when she came home with her pussy full of there cum . Wish she was still fucking other guys really miss sloppy 2 nds and 3rds

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