Dog Licked My Cock and Balls

When I was young a friend showed me how to Jack Off.
Later on he says watch this.
He called in his Dog and Jacked off while his Dog Licked his cock.
He said Try It.
I started jacking off and his dog licked my Cock And Balls. Felt Awesome as his rough tongue lapped my balls and head of my Cock. I always would Shoot off a Huge Load. When I started leaking pre cum he would go Crazy lapping up my Cum.

4 months ago


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    • The best time to have a k9 lover lick your pussy is, when you are menstruating. My k9 goes crazy when he smells the blood from my pussy. I have to put him in his kennel because he won't leave me alone. He loves licking the blood out of my pussy. He's tongue goes 6 inches deep into my pussy, it's absolutely orgasmic for me and it's the only time I ejaculate. I usually let him knot with me after I've orgasmed so he gets to cum to. Between the two of us it gets sloppy, wet and messy with all the cum that comes out of us. Dogs love a bloody pussy

    • That’s so hot lol I wish my dog would do the same no harm in them licking a little peanut butter flavored pussy

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