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Do girls actually like above-average/big dicks? I know that a lot would be afraid to say yes, but I really want to know.

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  • When a woman tells you that size doesn't matter, She's lying to you. Most women like girth rather than length. Myself I like a penis under 8 inches and really fat, no such thing as to fat for me personally. A big penis for a woman is like a virgin or tight vagina for a man.

  • We don't give a shit as long as you know how to use it.

  • Different women like different things.

  • First let me say my hot wife, Mary Beth, she this sweet loving wife. She's the All American wife, the opposite of slut. Her girlfriend calls her Sister Mary Big Tits for the way she dresses. But in bed she like a $2 Payday whore. She only had 2 other partners before me and is totally embarrassed "i was such a hussy."
    Other girlfriends went WOW when they saw my dick, you are big. So I had to be Beth's biggest. After 5 years of bragging about my huge dick. She thinks it's actually small when I ask how much bigger am I? Both old BFs were big, one way bigger. I got her drunk one night to talk about her big boy. It only hurt a little when he popped her cherry. She had intense orgasms but they never went longer than 5 minutes. She says I'm way better lover, I go down on her and fuck her for an hour. But here's what she liked most, sucking him off. Next day sober "I should STFU when I'm drunk."

  • What a jabbering idiot

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