Fucked my neighbors wife

True Story. My neighbor called me two weeks ago saying a bunch of friends were having drinks at the bar across the street. I'm not much of a drinker but went anyways. There were about a dozen people there and they had been drinking a while because of the empty pitchers on the table. I always take a lot of shit for not drinking, but I nursed my two beers and decided to head back to my apartment. After I told my neighbor he stopped me and asked me to walk his wife home since we live in the same building. I said ok. This girl was so shit faced she could hardly walk. She banged into me as we walked outside and I had to hold her up. My hand fell to her ass and I could feel her underwear through her skirt. We only had to walk a block but I had to almost carry her because she was falling over so much. I said fuck it, this girl was hot and I slid my hand to her side and then up and cupped her boob. Her tits felt wonderful. We got to her apartment and I backed her into the bedroom. She fell onto the bed with her gorgeous tits up and her legs spread. Her black panties were completely visible. Half her tit had fallen out of her top so I couldn't help myself and gently pulled them out. She didn't move. Beautiful nipples. Then I got my phone and took about a dozen pics of her tits. I then decided to take a picture of my fingers in her panties so I did that. Then I pulled her panties to the side and took a few pictures with my fingertip in her pussy. She didn't budge. My dick was real hard so I thought I'd take a picture of my dick right next to her pussy. So I pulled her panties down and got between her legs. I took a few pictures of my dick right at her pussy lips. And then I put the head in just a little bit. And then I couldn't control myself and slid myself completely in. I only pumped her a couple times before I had to pull out and was smart enough to cum in my hand. I put her panties back on and put her under the covers and left. Yes I was worried after that but last week my neighbor said he closed the bar with his friends and he thanked me for taking his wife home. She didn't remember how she got home. I told him he was welcome and he could call me anytime.


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  • It sucked finding myself single at 38 but it turned out to be fun after all. I went out and banged all the chicks I wanted. One that was truly surprising was when I bumped into a neighbour in a club. She was 27 and married and mum of 2 and her youngest was about 6 months old and it was her first time on a night out since giving birth. I got on with her husband quite well. The night ended with us sharing a lift home and i invited her to mine for a few more drinks. She began flirting and out of nowhere started kissing me. I thought no harm in kissing so i responded by squeezing her ass while kissing her. She was horny as fuck and was grabbing my hard cock. She said it felt big and asked me to get it out. So I did and was quite delighted that she was soon on her knees sucking it. I felt a little bad for her husband that I was soon gonna be fucking his wife's pussy but was too good to pass on the chance. I layed her on the couch with her ass on the edge,pushing up her tight dress up she pulled it off to reveal some sexy big boobs. I took her bra off and gave them a suck and squeeze. Then slid her knickers off to reveal a hot little hairy muff,I suspected she didn't get any action at home.I kissed her and sucked her tits while rubbing her pussy. I took rest of my clothes off and licked her clit and she was wet as hell. I leaned over her and slowly slid my hard cock into her married pussy. She didn't bother asking me to use a condom and thrust her hips into mine.

  • I fucked her hard for a good 25 minutes. She wanted it rough too. Asking me to smack her pale bum and choke her a little. I squeezed her neck a bit and she soon came after that. I asked if I could fuck her ass and she said go on then you deserve it. I slid my cock in her tight ass and fucked her,she rubbed her pussy and I pulled her hair while fucking her ass balls deep and she was moaning like fuck. She came again and about 5 minutes later i told her I'm cuming in her ass. I released a big load deep in her ass. After as we lay there a saw the biggest anal creampie ooze out of her ass,she then cleaned up and went home.
    We managed to fuck more after that,as I'd pester her for sex and send her dick pics. She loved the attention and loved the sex even more. Managed to cum in her pussy a few times too till she insisted on using condoms.

  • So you raped this woman? Asshole.

  • He didn’t rape her

  • After a wedding take my friend and his wife back to their room because they were wasted, Jim just fell on the floor, and Kim was getting undressed right in front of me and still needed help, so of course I helped her get undressed while taking a few selfies. Then she starts calling me Jim, next thing I know I’m all deep inside her, and Kim was loud, trying to drown out Jim’s snoring. After I finished I got her a tshirt. And noticed she peed all over the bed and then she threw up on the bed, and then I left but to my room, thank god my wife was passed out

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