Fucking my ex after she fucked other men

I had an off-and-on sexual relationship with my ex wife. She'd been fucking a few guys and hiding it from me. I was pissed off but insanely turned on as well, so we talked and decided to try an open relationship. She would go on dates and give me text updates, like "we're about to fuck in the car" and "I just came so hard". One night, she was at a work party and took one of her employees to a hotel and fucked him half the night. When she came home, she was loudly fucking a second guy in her room while I listened. In the morning I go into her room, she's lying there naked next to her passed out fella who's half her age, and I say it's my turn. So she walks her hot, completely naked body into my room and I fucked her bare pussy and came inside her so fuckin' hard. I was the 3rd guy to fill her up in less than 12 hours and I've never been more turned on in my life. A big part of it was me having to wait knowing that she was elsewhere being intensely satisfied. I can't wait to find another whore like that and take it to the next level. I want to watch my woman getting pounded and pleased right in front of me. I crave women who know and love that they are total sluts. There's nothing like the naughty look on your girl's face when she's about to fuck you knowing she just had another man in her pussy

4 months ago


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    • I had a chick unknowingly cuckold me. She had sex with one of my best friends earlier in the night before she had sex with me. I felt so stupid the next day when he told me they were together before I hooked up with her that night. I even went down on her. So embarrassing.

    • I've been going through this for 42years. I don't think she even knows how many guys she has fucked over the years. As long as I can still get her pussy I don't care. I love her wet cum filled pussy.

    • Cum filled pussy is good

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