I sniffed my girlfriend’s mum’s panties and loved it

So I have been living with my girlfriend and her mum since 2020 when the first lockdown began here. The other month I caught her staring at a random boner I was trying to conceal through my trousers. She didn’t say anything, however I kept seeing her catching quick glances at it when she thought I wasn’t looking. A few weeks later I accidentally walked in on her changing in the bathroom. She was stark naked and I got a good look at her awesome tits. She gave me a coy smile and quickly shut the door. This got me so hard I had to go rub one out. Then just yesterday while my girlfriend was at work I found a pair of her mum’s panties in the bathroom. I am guessing she was going to wash them but hadn’t gotten around to it yet. As soon as I saw them I couldn’t stop myself from thinking about what they smell like. Unable to resist I took them in my hands and sniffed them...They smelled incredible. I got so hard thinking about her mum and how good her pussy must taste based on the smell of her panties. Just writing this while she is working across the table from me is making me rock hard once again. I would like nothing more than to bend her over the table and fuck the hell outta her while my gf is at work. Tomorrow when no one is in, I am going to go through her mums laundry draw in search for more panties, a may may even jack myself off in her bed. That’s as close as I am going to get to the real thing for now.

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  • I won’t lie, but I have thought about having an affair with my daughters bf.. I have a camera in my room and it’s caught him going through my laundry and drawers, he’s even laid in our bed while we were out. My husband doesn’t know. But now I actually like the feeling of knowing what he’s doing. I even fantasize about him with my hubby

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