Neighbor likes to watch me jack off

I have been jacking off my whole life. A couple of months ago I was jacking off out back and my neighbor from a few places down was walking thru the woods and she stopped and was watching me. After I blew my load,she continued her walk. A few days later she saw me again and she watched me, only this time she walked up and asked me if she could watch me up close? I said sure and when I came I shoot my load 7 feet off my deck.she said that she has been watching for a while and enjoys seeing me cum. I asked her in for coffee and she walked right in. We talked about jacking off and I told her how long I had been doing it. She said that her 24 year old son and her 22 year old daughter masterbate all the time and she has never tried to stop them. I asked her if she did and she blushed and said sometimes. So I went to the bedroom and I grabbed a box of toys and asked her to grab one or a few and there is lube too. She was totally red. So I stood up and stripped and layed my semi hard dick on the table. She grabbed a set of beads and a egg and a 10" vibrator. Then she stripped nakid. She lubed the beads that are 1" to 2.5" and 8 beads on the string. And I helped put them in for her age was moaning as I slid in the 4th bead, it was 1 3/4" around. When the 2.5" one slid into her tight asshole she was laying on the table and I then slid them as far in as I could shove them. She then asked me to put the vibrating egg in her asshole too. So I slid it in to and I turned it on. She was walking around with a shaking motion and stopping every few minutes and having orgasms. Then she turned on the vibrator and shoves it in her pussy and she bent over the arm of the couch and was just cumming a lot and moaning loud too. I was jacking off slow watching her then she said slide your cock in my mouth and I want you to cum.she was now dripping wet at both ends. Her pussy was dripping and she was drooling spit all over my dick and nuts, my asshole was covered in spit too. She was sucking my dick into her neck then she pulled out and told me to yank out the egg and beads from her asshole. So I slid out the egg and I pulled out the beads fast. She went all limp and running cum out of her pussy. She layed there for 3-4 minutes and then she said to cum in her mouth so I started to jack off aging and in a couple of minutes I was ready to cum. She opened her mouth and I stuffed my head in and I grabbed her head and I was squirting a lot of cum in. 11-12 big squirts. She swallowed it all and we just rested. When we got up we cleaned up the mess and took a shower together. She was still dripping cum from her pussy when she left. But I know she will be back in a couple of days.

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