No panties

Mike is a handsome 35 yr guy very successful at work and popular and he always seem to date young girls... so working with him i asked how come he always dates young girls ( being 39 and divorced ) he tells me young women are much more fun.... i was taken by surprise and told him take me out on a date and i'll prove you wrong... he looks up at me and says sure wear a dress and leave your panties at home.... ohhh i could never do that i said he smiles at me and says bye.....i though about it for a minute and realized what he was talking about the younger generation about being more fun.... that definatly woke me up about being miss proper ... men aren't interested how good a woman cooks but simply how she fucks and within a week and at work there i was somewhat uncomfortable in a dress and no panties making sure no one could see up my dress.. but i had to make sure Mike i grabbed some files and walked into his cubicle crossed my legs and asked him how he liked my dress he told me he liked my heels better so i took the opportunity to raise my foot to the edge of the chair and also spreading my legs giving him a full shot of my completely shaved pussy ... well i asked i crossed my legs back up and asked ... well? he smiled and approved by saying i didn't think you knew how to update... saturday night was our first date and we fucked twice his powerful rigid cock penetrated my pussy hard and deep if felt like he sprayed all his cum right into my ovaries ( it took awhile before it all came out)... i'm looking forward at wearing no panties again it exhilarating not wearing them and no one knows.. i've flashed him so many times since then that he actually meets me in the garage so i can suck his cock before he meets with customers ..... i've also got very daring by going to the bathroom and do naughty selfies to send to him ...... i love it when he makes me wear tiny skirts with no panties and takes me to upscale restaurants or takes to his customers yachts for a get together

5 months ago

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