Obsessasian with Adian girls/women Butt and rimming

I have a very strong physical features attraction to East Asian, Southeast Asian and Asia-Pacific Island Asian girls/women. The typical long silky haired slim n subtly curvy type. I especially love their smallish but shapely butts. To the point that I crave having them on all fours and upturned butt exposing the tight button hole and hot slit. My naughty confession is that I like to rim that tight button hole and in earnest. In my long experience dating only Asian girls/women I have found them to be obsessively hygienic. My fav sex position is doggy style anyway...as I have this extreme butt fetish overall. But rimming the tight backdoor button hole of beautiful Asian girls/women has been my ultimate fetish/fantasy sex act for many years. Rimming that starfish and thumb rubbing her cl*t, that tight hole spasming and twitching on the tip of my tongue. I can never get enough. When they've orgasmed several times this way...then I enter the still throbbing vag from behind in same position and go deep core belly drilling until its my turn to explode in orgasm. I find that girls/women obsessively hygienic are more willing to get bent over on all fours and upturn that butt and surrender that tight button hole for scorching hot butthole rimming. I only have this obsession and insatiable desire for Asian girls/women only for me though. I find them by far the most naturally beautiful of all.

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