Sex Slave 3

My master is allowing me to tell you what has happened to me since I last posted. As usual master had me dress up in a sexy outfit for my adventure. He had invited 3 friends over that I did not know about and before they came over he had tied me to the foot of the bed so I could not move my arms. He then let his friends in and after I was blindfolded he led them into the room. He then ordered me to open my mouth and prepare to do as I was ordered. He told me that I would be doing things that he knew I liked. He had his first friend stand over my face naked and had him lower his balls into my mouth and had me lick and suck his balls. Master said he was going to take pictures of what I was doing and post them to the internet, which really turns me on. After licking and sucking on his friends balls, he had each friend do the same thing and took all kinds of pictures. Then he untied me and left me blindfolded and led me to our couch wearing my collar and leash. He had his friends sit on the edge of the couch naked and had me kneel in front of the first friend and ordered me to lick and suck his friends balls and cock. I was really getting turned on being ordered to these things and then I moved over to the next friend and did the same thing and on to his third friend. I was then ordered to kneel on the floor and each of his friends stood before me where I was ordered to suck and lick their cock and tell them I wanted them to jack off onto my face and mouth. Each of his friends jacked off on my face and mouth which I really love. I love eating cum all the time. I was then moved to the shower where I had my hands tied behind my back and ordered to kneel down. He then had each of his friends piss onto my face and I was ordered to drink their piss. I really enjoyed being ordered to do these nasty things and I drank as much pee as I could. Hopefully my master will post these pictures on the internet.

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