Sucking my first cock at 52

Went to a known cruising stop at night, rte. 140 in Massachusetts. Parked in the rest area and saw a black Jeep with a blond guy stroking the biggest cock I’ve ever seen personally. I went to him and stroked it for him a few times then fell to my knees and started sucking it! He was telling me “ that’s it suck it. You love that big dick, don’t you?” I pulled his dick out and told him ”yes” then sucked it back into my mouth. I’d say it was at least 10” long and 4” thick. I was thinking this was what I hoped to find my first time! I sucked it for about 6 minutes until he came in my mouth. He called me a cock sucker as I showed him his load in my mouth. He asked me if I liked his cum and I grunted uh huh then swelled it. I kissed his cock head and told him thanks for my first cock suck and cumload swallow.

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  • You must have been pissed and sucked a horse of.

  • Good now do another first! Put a bullet in your head. try it you will like it.

  • Come up with a more believable story.

  • At 16 years of age I sucked my first cock at our swimming hole where all of us kids would swim nude boys and girls alike. Jason a guy 2 years older than I we were swimming together, he took hold of me and stared in going thu the motions of fucking me and started in pushing the head of his cock against my shitter gaining entry on no time he was fucking me for real the water made it hard for me and I told him lets get out of the water he held onto me as we climbed up the bank falling onto me ramming his cock deep into me I kinda let out a scream for it hurt like hell bur he continued to fuck me till he came in me and that I loved. Feeling his cum entering me made me cum too and he continued to fuck me every time we got together.

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