Stripped exposing small penis

It was a hot day when my ex wife myself 5 friends and neighbours 4 female 1 male plus another neighbours 2 daughters whose ages where 16 and 17 decided to have a waterfight, water was everywhere for some reason I bore the brunt I was soaked after half an hour of being drenched I slipped away to get out of my wet clothes, I hadnt been gone 2 mins when my exwife asked where I was christa said he has just gone in the kitchen my ex said to her fetch him will u he isnt getting away that easy, by this time I was in the kitchen I had removed my wet clothes and put them in the washer I undressed there because my ex would have killed me had I trailed water upstairs, the back door opened I assumed it was my ex it wasnt it was christa now christa was married to a large chap with a big waste who had a very tiny penis now mine is small but not like his christa took one look at mine said my word thats a good one laughed and ran off I immediately chucked on some clothes I had just finished dressing in t shirt and football shorts when my ex came in she was a little irate come on u outside but Ive just got dried and changed dont care she said out now christa has told everyone u have a big willy Iaughed and told them thats not true they dont believe me u need to tell them, nervously I agreed out I went tell them now how big your willy is this wasnt something I ever thought I would do I said its 4 inches hard 3 inches soft, christa said its bigger than that it isnt I said trust me here I was arguing with someone that my penis is small, prove it shouted one of the young girls, I'm not stripping here u will have to take my word it was then that tim grabbed me and shouted strip him, en mass everyone except my ex grabbed me my ex stood there laughing the 4 women grabbed my arms and legs they then took me to the ground by now more neighbours appeared one was josie she lived 2 doors away and was 85 she came to see what was occuring it was then that the 2 holding my arms pulled off my shirt ooh said josie are u stripping him let me see then the 2 young girls grabbed hold of my shorts and yanked them down , with all the nervous energy my usual 3 inch was now 1 inch I was naked they held me down flat my little penis stuck straight up, josie in a loud voice said is that it my middle finger is bigger, I know this is weird but the thought of an 85 year old various ages all the way down to 16 gave me an erection my 4 inch pencil dick was fully hard a shout came look he is hard quick finish him off let josie do it I wouldnt mind but it was my wife who said let josie do it, without hesitation josie got down in her knees grabbed my penis and started rubbing it up and down everyone was waiting for me to explode for me it was so exciting it wasnt long I felt myself ready to ejaculate mt balls tightened my willy stiffened josie shouted here it comes and wow did it come pump after pump all over my belly josies hand everywhere it was glorious everyone cheered someone said it might be small but boy it packs a punch I looked at my ex and she had enjoyed evey minute she helped me up whispered in my ear she was red hot and she hopes theres more left for her I said lets do it she took my hand to lead me inside as people where dispersing I said no u dont I grabbed her grabbed her clothes ripping them off in seconds she was naked I laid down said climb aboard my dick was hard again on she climbed by this time everyone saw what was happening and came back for the show as my ex rode me up and down I looked round I saw 4 men with their
willys out masterbating there 3 women with hands down their pants 2 couples started making love it was like a scene from caligula it was awsome best summer day ever.

4 months ago

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