I Gave My Straight Bestfriend a Blowjob

I'm a male in my mid-twenties and identify as straight, However, my first sexual relationship was with my straight bestfriend.

When I was a lot younger, my bestfriend and I would always have sleepovers and cuddle (I never thought anything of it). He was attractive but I didn't have feelings for him. I didn't even understand sexuality yet. However, one day at school, he looked over at me and said, "wanna be gay for the year" I was shocked, confused and didn't say anything.

Two years later, we were walking home from school and he randomly held my hand. Once we were inside my house (we were home alone), he asked if I wanted to go outside and make out on the hammock in my backyard and I hesitantly said sure. Once we were on the hammock, he got on top of me, put his tongue in my mouth and we started making out like crazy. It turned me on and I loved every minute of it. After making out for about fifteen minutes we stopped because his mom was about to pick him up. After he left, I couldn't stop thinking about him for the rest of the day.

We saw each other at school the next few days and nothing happened, but that following weekend we had a sleepover at my house. When it was late and my parents were asleep, him and I were cuddling on my bed and he started making out with me again. After a few minutes I grabbed his dick and then he asked me if I wanted to give him a blowjob. I said yes and got up to lock the door.

After I locked the door, he sat on the side of my bed and pulled his pajamas down. (For as young as we were, I was rather surprised how huge his cock was.) I got on my knees, starred at it for a few seconds and then he grabbed the back of my head and stuck his dick in my mouth. I sucked his cock for about twenty minutes until he jizzed into my mouth and I swallowed his huge load. He asked if I enjoyed it and I told him that I loved it. (It turned me on so much that I jizzed in my pants without even touching myself.) After I swallowed his load, we made out for a few minutes and then we went to sleep.

Being so young, and not understanding my sexuality or sexuality in general, the next morning I woke up feeling confused and like I did something horribly wrong. (I grew up in a fairly religious household.) However, I enjoyed it so much and just thinking about it turned me on like crazy. A few hours after hanging out in the morning, he went home like nothing happened.

For the next few years, he would make out with me and let me suck his dick all the time, at his house, at my house, in the school bathrooms, and even at our neighborhood park. One time at school we almost got caught. I had just finished swallowing his huge load and he was pulling up his shorts when a teacher walked into the bathroom and noticed us in the same stall. Surprisingly, the teacher didn't say much and just told us to get to class.

Over those few years, I sucked his dick probably over 100 times and swallowed every load. However, for whatever reason, he never once sucked my dick or even gave me a hand job.

There were a few family and friends that were suspicious of us but no one ever really knew. His older sister would always make jokes that we were gay for each other but he would deny it every time and say that he isn't gay. He even had on and off girlfriends throughout those years.

Once we were in high school, he stopped making me suck his dick but we remained fairly good friends.

Fast forward to now, We both have girlfriends and he's engaged to his. Although, we are still friends and talk every now and then.

Even to this day, none of our family or friends know that we used to make out and that I sucked his dick a bunch of times.


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  • More gay BS. Just kill yourself!

  • Sure it's gay, but it's definitely isn't BS.

  • It is too BS. you’re just too retarded to know the difference.

  • Then why did you read it A hole ?

  • True. I am slow.

  • You are an offensive idiot.

  • You’re a gutless child molester.

  • Yeah, straight guys don't do that. I think maybe you are just fantasizing about what you wanted to happen. If some dude stuck his dick in my mouth, I'd bite it off and spit it in his face and laugh while the blood squirted from his stubby severed stump.

  • So you admit that you think about having a dick in your mouth! You're at least bi.

  • Don't get to caught up in labels such as straight or bi etc.

  • Exactly...

  • Describe his cock and balls

  • Well pretty big, in thickness but not overly long. He cut with a nice mushroom head. I can take most of it in my mouth and throat. His cum tastes really good too, not overly thick so its easy to swallow.

  • I'm the actual person that posted this. But let me just tell you, you're pretty much spot on.

  • One more thing. When he shits in my face it smells a little like a Nestle Crunch candy bar.

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