Oral Sex

My wife loves it when I perform oral sex on her. I often do it right before I fuck her and she is so wet that I slide balls deep into her. However, she will not have oral sex with me. I sometimes think that I should stop doing it with her but I enjoy making her come with my tongue.

4 months ago

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    • My wife loves oral sex and will do it anytime any place. When we were dating we were about to leave the beach and when we got in the car she pulls down my bathing suit and begins to blow me in the front seat. There was no one around so i let her suck the life out of my cock. She swallowed every drop and licked me clean as well.
      The next time we had just left a diner when in the parking lot she tells me i owe her one and pulls her pants down and instructs me to eat her out, which i did.
      She came loudly and was eager for more.
      I think she loves being dominant , she loves licking my cock until i cum or me licking her pussy until she cums, ether way i love it.

    • Any woman I have been with has told me the same thing and my wife told me within the first few weeks of our sexual relationship that I give way to much oral sex. She then laughed of course and told me she feels like she is cheating me because I give her way more than she gives back. When I told her that I get pleasure giving you pleasure she still laughed.

    • My wife makes up for yours. Bummed out, sick of reading books, surfing the net, Twitter and now we have 3 feet of snow going no where. 2 hours ago Jill says you looked bummed out, bet a blowjob will cheer you up. She me gives a real slow one, gets me close than goes down the shaft, balls deep -- repeat.
      And she loves doing . "Good to the last drop." Says cum gives her a calming buzz. She was right. :-)

    • I helped an ex girlfriend with her Learners Permit. The oral practice was with sandwich bags. Soon she liked licking below and my balls. Then one night after a couple of beers she took the bag off. Should I warn her. Nah. Her head rears back with the first gush. 2nd one on her face and take the rest back in her mouth. She couldn't wait to do it again and again.

    • Her husband Bob,
      You're welcome.

    • Some women just will not blow a guy. Usually its because they hate the taste of cum or the consistency of the stuff. I wouldn't stop licking her out , why deprive yourself.

    • I'm in the same boat bro! Yes I love seeing her eyes squeeze, her mouth shut hard, taking the pain off her breat squeezed hard while she squeezes her nipples, but he dislikes giving me a bj.

      Sometimes I just want to take her on a weekend getaway and have some guys ravage her so she'll appreciate me more amd pleasure me to keep her safe!

    • As much as I love a good blowjob, I love making my wife cum when I eat her out even more.

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