I posted this before but I am not sure if it was shared. I have no idea exactly why or when my panty fetish started. I did not take or try onany of my mom's or my sisters panties or for that matter any family panties. I remember stealing panties off the clotheslines of any female neighbor who left them overnight on the line. I loved to wear them all the time. I even remember wearing a pair of the woman who lived next door while chatting with her. When I hit my teen years I fell in love with lace panties. I loved how they felt rubbing against my pe**s. Black lace and royal blue were my favorites. One girl I dated loved to wrap her silk panties around my c**k. She had me wear some during sex a few times. I really enjoyed that. I still love to wear them although I don't look as sexy in them anymore. K

6 months ago

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    • I love nylon panties there extra special when you know a girl or women has worn them

    • I love lace panties and have them in every color imaginable , red with white trim and violet with black are some of my favs. Over the years I’ve found panties in all kinds of places.
      Back stage of a concert, on the beach, laundry rooms. I’ve even got some off girls on a dare. The excitement of finding a pair of panties drives me crazy.
      My wife even brought me a pair she swiped from a girl at her gym.
      I came so fast on those she couldn’t believe it.

    • Sounds like a fun wife to me.

    • I have the best wife in the world. She knows how much panties drive me crazy
      And yes she has brought me used ones and makes me suck the gusset

    • You really should obtain your own lingerie

    • My sister used to literally take her panties off and hand them to me and tell me jerk off in them. I always did and she would watch and sometimes play with her self. She was a fat girl and her panties were huge. I was skinny as a rail and got lost in her giant panties a few times. She was nasty too, always had brown skid marks in her panties and I always jerked it them anyway.

    • Funny shit

    • Gross. Fat sister leaving skid marks in her panties and you jerked off into them? Nasty.

    • There's nothing wrong with my sister's panties. She's a regular girl. You know you'd jerk it in them too if she offered to let you.

    • Uh...I’m a chick. I don’t jerk off in other chicks panties. ESP if they’re fat and leave them stained with their shit.

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